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Default Beware Nubbie Builder

This post is long as hell...but you might learn something.

Ok...over the past week I've gone through a lot of crap with my computer....Bobo knows one thing was a hair stopping my computer from booting up...come to find out I think at that time it was a signal my computer was it did the same thing today...power on with no boot no beeps no post no nothing.....I attached the D-Link bracket that came with the cpu cause the LED's will allow you to troubleshoot your system....I hit power on first thing it does all 4 lights are red.....first thing on the list of what the stuff means....."CPU Damaged or inserted incorrectly" bought this motherboard back in the time I knew nothing of what I know now about processors motherboards, etc.....I had never changed a heatsink or processor so when i bought my board at the store the guy changed it for me.....I take the heatsink off today and low and behold....this guy who was spitting saying 'this is why I get paid the big bucks' when I asked him to wire the HD lights etc......PUT THERMAL COMPOUND ON TOP OF A THERMAL PAD..............what a GOD DAMN MORON.......this was a stock heatsink and fan..he took it out to switch the processor to my new motherboard...but a glob on the core....and smashed the heatsink on...I knew nothing about it at the time and figured he knew what he was doing....So yeah I pull off my heatsink thermal pad sitting there melted like it should all covered in grease and yeah theres my processor top smeared with grease...all over those nice little pin connectors that **** ISN"T supposed to I get that thermal pad off the heatsink rather easily, and give it a quick lapping with 20 micron paper....reapply a nice thin layer of thermal grease and hey! my computer POSTS and beeps! yay I was so relieved......or was I.....starts restarting continually RIGHT when its supposed to start booting.....finally it starts doing chkdsk saying its repaired corrupted files and at the screen for safe mode I chose LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGS and it said the reload was successfull....after going through all those 'successful repairs' and chkdsk error fix....everytime it gets past the little blue scroll bar at the bottom of XP and it gets to the point where you put in your password? ( for those who have password enabled) it automatically yeah thanks to that ****ing moron putting grease....way the **** too much of it at that on top of a thermal PAD it burnt out my 20gb hard drive....not good considering I have business contacts regarding new product lines for my website within my e-mail........................its not worth it to have some fag at a store put your computer together.....READ READ READ and put it together yourself.....I'm sorry people but I had to rant at the idiocy of these so called 'pc technicians' ESPECIALLY since he says 'this is why I get paid the big bucks' cause he acted like me asking him to mount my board and hook up the HD led's and whatnot was BEYOND his job and skill.......**** yeah.....I hate computers

EDIT: BTW I absolutely KNOW its the hard drive because I took the 10gb out of my grandmas 5 year old peoplePC machine which was hooked to an intel board and yeah it still managed to load into windows and be stable.....I'm looking at it right ****ing FANTASTIC

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yeah those trained profesionals aren`t always what they are cracked up to be,a teacher is limited only by his students ability to learn,unfortunantly,I have run into a few morons who are smarter than me also lol,thats why I can laugh,I`m not a genious and never have to pretend I am lmao,I have never seen a cpu make a hdd go out though?????seen alot of strange things happen to pc`s that shouldn`t lol but never that?

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Old 09-02-2004, 01:22 AM   #3 (permalink)
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yea that sounds like the same thing with those quick lube oil change placess for your car.

Note- if u have a valuable car.. do not, i repeat DO NOT bring it to one of those quick lube placess to get its oil changed.

(i never took my car to one of those placess, but i worked at one for a couple months, and it was THE best quck lube place... and boy i still felt sorry for the customers who came in there) i didnt worry about the customers cars i was working on, but i did for the ones my co-workers were... thats what happens in those places, the smart ppl leav, and the morons are the ones doing the job.
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That's why I took my time when I got my comp put together by someone else. I subtley quizzed him on how it was going to built and in what order, what he was going to use for certain parts/processes. He did a bash up job and I couldn't be happier. I would never take my comp to compusa or bestbuy to get it worked on though, they will just try to rip you off while doing inferior work.
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yeah, well I think it was just cause the CPU was causing so many errors and probably disrupting voltages and yeah thats just my luck..... I ordered a new western digital 80gb today and new thermaltake 560w power supply..... I don't know if my hard drive is might survive a format...but still the 80gb I bought will be a tax write off cause I gotta have it for business muahahaha.........I just sure hope my 80gb back up drive wasn't was recognized in the BIOS when I put it in my grandmas computer but not there when I went to MY COMPUTER, but like I said her HD was originally in an intel board thats like 4 years think the drive should be ok if its being seen in the BIOS or can a fried HD still be seen in a BIOS but not work?
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