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Old 11-03-2003, 04:53 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Best Way to Secure computer??

What is the best way to make sure no-one has access to your computer.

I have tryed the password on the CMOS, but this just seems to slow down boot up and the windows user password thing isn't very good, so any suggestions?


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turn it off and unplug it, lock it in the closet where it cant get out....

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funny man

can anyone else help

i live in a shared house so don't want people goin on without permission
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Usually I just put a password on my Windows user account and whenever I'm away from my computer I just lock the workstation (Winkey + L). I find this works well because it keeps your programs running in the background.
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There are tons of software that can protect your folders ( through passwords) available on the net.
There are even some softwares where you can select some files in the software menu and then later you can hide them whenever you want through hot keys like StelthDisk.
Alternatively, you can go to and search for privacy or password file proctection utilities.
And as far as cache and documents are concerned there are tonnes of software than clean them when you log off.

I use windows xp and there are options by which you make make passwords compulsory.
A more effective way would be to use software that you can install on the pc and they ask for password when you log on.
But if your friends/whoever trying to use your pc are smart enough... they might log in with safe mode or through dos mode.

Anyway what have you got in ur pc that you don't want others to see. doesn't everybody have stuff at their home/ personal pc's
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Old 11-03-2003, 01:46 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Another option is to lock the HDD with a password. This prevents anyone except you from accessing the data. Only, if you forget the password, you are SOL as the process to remove that ussually removes the data as well.
With WInXP and Win2k you have pretty good control over what others can see and the complexity of your passwords. Change the administrator name to something else, and then disable the guest account. This will be a start. Next only use a poweruser account except when installing software. Also, enable encryption for your logon. The only people that can view your files then will be the machine admin and you. You can export the encryption public key so that it can't then be access from someone who decides the need it. Keep it on a floppy in a saftey deposit box and then you will be secure.

Good luck
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HONK if you route packets
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Ok.....ummmm this should have been asked a long time ago but....
Which windows OS are you using? Windows 95, 98 and ME act totally differently than Windows 2000 and XP. With windows 2000 and XP you may want to try and use one of the above mentioned methods, however if you are using Windows 95, 98 or ME you do not need a password or even a user account to log on and therefore you might want to try an alternative method.

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Theres this company that makes safes that you put the computer in and lock it up, and theres this program when you come up to windows logon, if you get the password wrong 3 times the computer reboots. or sometin like dat.
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Old 11-03-2003, 02:48 PM   #9 (permalink)
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Default security

As a backup, incase you forget to log out, you could always set the screensaver to start say after 3-5 minutes idle and have it password protect upon re-entry (If you are really worried about someone tampering with your bios then set a password for that as well). So far after 2 years of college no one has been able to guess my windows password, besides the fact that it is 12 characters long and random...muhahahaha...
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great! i don't want those snobby FBI/ CIA agents sifting through all my pron. 1344 Bit Hard Disk Encryption? thats a nice number

i love the FAQ haha...:

Q: We are from the "Police" "Tax authority" "Security Company"…. and are investigating on someone whose computer is protected with your DriveCrypt software. Since we were not able to break into the protected computer ourselves, could you please assist us getting access to the encrypted data? If requested, we can provide you with a court order.

A: Sorry, but our software has been designed to be the most secure in the industry, and as such not even our programmers are able to break into a DriveCrypt encrypted computer.

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