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Nubius 12-31-2004 08:00 PM

ATI X850 a flop
I recently wondered what all this hoopla was about with the new X850's from ATI. Once again it's the common case of 'oh look new hardware, MUST BUY!!' and because something is freshly released it MUST BE PURCHASED. Apparently a lot of people think it just completely dominates over all other cards, but it really doesn't.

Check out this little article:

hardly any performance gains over the X800XT which by the end the guy makes a smart decision on the fact that you'd be paying $50 - $100 more for this 'new card' which barely outperforms it.

Once again I think people need to quit jumping on the newest things that are released and thinking that you gotta have it just like AMD64's and PCI-E based motherboards.

beedubaya 12-31-2004 08:06 PM

I could make my X800 Pro and X850 Pro just by overclocking it. Yeah, ATI needs to shape up if they want to stay in business. There will always be people, those that feel they need the best of the best, that jump on every new piece of hardware that comes out. And some lucky people, like the people who got 6800s back in May, will get hardware that really becomes dominant in the PC market.

GameGURU 12-31-2004 08:19 PM

Yes..I dont get it, what is all of the fuss about?

ATi needs to shape up here real quick and focus more on a value card rather than a new really expensive one. This is gonna be a problem for them.

Interesting thing to think about nubius...good find.

beedubaya 12-31-2004 08:21 PM

Yeah, ATI has screwed up on its value cards this generation more than it has its high-end gaming cards. And value cards make up most of the market, believe it or not.

Cappy 12-31-2004 09:11 PM

thats because there so darn high lol . Nvidia made some GOOD choices with an excellant chip this time around

Megadeth2 12-31-2004 10:00 PM

Nubius, that review is for the AGP version. Many people on various other forums have said that the Radeon X850... on PCIe will perform better than the AGP version because the PCIe version will be the first to utilize full or at least half of the PCIe 16x bandwith. The AGP version is a waste, but the PCIe version maybe worth it. However, it still doesn't justify the cost just like the 6800Ultra.

ChipX 12-31-2004 10:19 PM

megadeth is absolutely right. the PCI-E version of the X850 is insane. i know this from experience. the 6800 ultra extreme has no chance. i used to be quite the nvidia fan until ati released this card. my 6800 ultra (regular edition) is trash compared to the performance that i am seeing. beederbaya... you cannot turn your x800 pro into an x850 pro.

Megadeth2 12-31-2004 10:24 PM

beedubaya, you think a value card is going to be great out of the box. ATi's X600... is one of the best value cards out there. Sure, the X300 SE isn't very good and screwed up. However, the Abit RX600 Pro-Guru is a great card you can get for around $100 and with the vGuru ocing utility, you know what will happen!

Nubius 12-31-2004 10:32 PM

the X600 is garbage compared to the 6600GT.

Also yeah megadeth it is AGP, but still PCI-E is overrated right now because it may use 'more' of the bandwidth it still doesn't use all and I haven't found an article yet that suggests PCI-E is completely dominating over AGP quite yet.


megadeth is absolutely right. the PCI-E version of the X850 is insane. i know this from experience. the 6800 ultra extreme has no chance.
You got facts to base that off of? Because if you don't then it's just words in the air.

EDIT: Here ya go, a PCI-E version article courtesy of Toms hardware. Same results.

"In terms of performance, the new ATI cards don't have much to offer. "

So yeah I still don't see why you guys think the PCI-E is 'soooo much greater' and where you have this 'experience' with it is also beyond me.

Megadeth2 12-31-2004 10:34 PM

Nubius, can you look in his sig? He has an X850. Nubius, no offense or anything, but the the X600 is a value card. The 6600GT is a performance card so they really aren't comparable. I was actually commenting on what beedubaya said about ATi's value cards. The Abit RX600 Pro-Guru will totally dominate the GeForce 6200.

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