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Old 02-17-2005, 10:32 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Anyone experienced getting rebate from tigerdirect?

i just ordered 5 items from TD totaling over (a little over) $800 but there's rebates for four of these items

i need to know what's the best wqy to get a rebate from TD, since i've heard many people having trouble with this, and most of them don't even receive the rebates/receive them half a year later

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i dont have any experience with TD. but i have goten rebates from others. these are the typical steps...

-register your rebate online if posable
-keep copys of all materials submitted
-wait for the designated time to pass after the postmark date of the rebate. if you dont have your rebate by then..
-call or email the rebate department, requesting thy fix the error, if thy tell u that u need to resubmit the rebate, also ask them for the apropriat fax #, and who to address the fax to(if its not listed on there website).
-if thy tell you there is no fax # or thy dont provide it to your. call or email the retailer (aka TD) requesting the fax # from there affiliat that provided the rebate.
-resubmit the rebate, and also fax the rebate, and upload your copys to an image host and email them your rebate.(i said upload to imagehost, because most companies will not open attachments)(this way thy cant loose it) wait for the apropreate time to pass.
-if u still dont have the rebate, there are ways to file your complaint with various Bureau's that will put pressur on the company. theres a thread about this here
-if all else fails after recontacting the rebate department ina last ditch effort to have them fix there own problem. and tooo much time has past. The blame ultimately falls on the retailer(aka TD) contact TD requesting a frefund in the amound of the rebate. and either or after use the same methode in above link on TD.

Dont ask me why i know this.. but ill say that many ppl have either not gotten or was very difficault getting the same rebate(s) im trying to get

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Yeah, well, you pretty much covered it there, jolancer...

But I do those rebate items around here (usually local retail stores), a few online... They generally wait to the very last day they can "legally" send it back to you (as he said, read the fine print, it should say). Generally that time period is ~3 months. I've had many times where they say the UPC was missing, they never received the rebates etc... so always have a copy of everything (especially if it's of value--IE:those $100s rebates!)

And as to use email/call--I highly suggest calling, it saves a lot of hassle ( get someone from China who can't speak English [ happen to speak Chinese?:P]); I find it gets things done much quicker.

And this is the reason so many people won't bother with these rebates
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Every rebate ive filed i have received about 2 months later .I doubt tiger direct is giving the rebates usually the manufacture offers the rebate and there processed by a private company.The best way to do them is fill out the online form then mail it in along with the proper materials.Make sure you send everything some require a self stamped return envelope.
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i just recently mailed in two of mine. one for microsoft and one for benq monitors. it was from staples though and not an interent company but the rebates did get to me within' the month.
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i just recently mailed in two of mine. one for microsoft and one for benq monitors. it was from staples though and not an interent company but the rebates did get to me within' the month.
yes, it varies greatly sometimes depending on were u got the product. i did a rebate from bestbuy b4 and i received it with in a couple weeks.

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