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Alvin.C 02-25-2005 01:47 PM

Anyone an Audio xxxxxpert?

Ok. Here the deal. I have a Compaq Presario S5500UK Desktop PC, with an ASUSTeK A7N8X-LX (Compaq OEM) motherboard, and Nvidia nForce 2 Chipset...and I want to know the details of my audio capabilities.

I currently have onboard Realtek AC'97 ALC650 Multichannel 5.1 audio, which I've hooked my Labtec Arena 5.1 speakers to. I used to use the Realtek ALC650 Audio Driver and mixer, however I found out that the Nvidia NvMixer works with my onboard audio, and so does the Nvideo Soundstorm Drivers and mixer.

I'm puzzled, because the NvMixer is only compatible with Nvidia Audio Processing Units. So I'm wondering, do I have an Nvidia APU on my motherboard? Or am I just completely confused?

bigtimeballer50 02-25-2005 01:58 PM

not sure... i dont understand wat ur trying 2 say give more details..

Alvin.C 02-25-2005 02:31 PM

ok...umm....I have onboard audio on my asus A7N8X-LX motherboard, which is AC'97 ALC650 Audio Codec, and I am able to use the Nvidia NvMixer with the Nvidia Audio Driver, as well as the Realtek ALC650 mixer and Driver.

I'd like to know, do I have an Nvidia Audio Processing Unit which is powering the Realtek ALC650 Codec?... as according to the Nvidia spec, NVMixer supports all NVIDIA audio processing unit (APU), NVIDIA SoundStorm™, and soft audio based NVIDIA nForce systems.

bigtimeballer50 02-25-2005 02:35 PM

well if its workni then no duh its powering it but u can unpower it go 2 bios and disable on board and no mor power wll go 2 it and the motherboard wont read the onboard it will shot exactly 2 ur nvidia audio or w/e u have

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