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Old 05-10-2005, 03:17 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default anti-electrostatic wrapping

I was wondering how secure is the electro-static wrapping hard drives come in?

my question is basically i have had this hard drive (replacement) in its anti-static wrapping, i have not taken it out since i got it, i was just looking at it today with it still being in its anti static wrapper and trying to see how it would fit in my new case.

do you think all the moment i made or make while the hard drive is in its anti-static wrapper can generate static on the insides of the anti-static wrapper and cause the hard drive to be damaged?

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The drive will be fine.

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But try this next time. Ground yourself, take the hard drive out and set it on the ground or table on top of the anti-static bag. Switch off the computer/psu and unplug it for a few seconds. Plug it back in with the psu off and touch your case frame with both hands for a couple of seconds. While still touching the case with one hand, grab the hard drive on it's sides and use it to fit it around in the case.
Buying an anti-static wrist band would save you a few steps, btw
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The whole point of the anti-static bag is to discharge SE from the material, thus shielding the component inside. As long as nothing but the bag touches the component, you have nothing to worry about from SE.

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This thread must be a joke. Stop wasting our time.


Damage? YEAH it's fried dude... Your F_ _ K_D!!!

wow... Useless threads
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dude leave him alone! Its a valid question and any question here is worth answering so don't be a jerk and just help the guy!

Like the other guys said above your HD should be fine. That bag will sheild it from any type of static that could harm ur drive. Any static thats in the bag already would be so small that it wouldn't even matter. Ur fine.
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Yea it is a valid question and here is the answer as stated before It will be fine
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Well, i'm sorry if i seemed to over react. But seriously, come on. That's like asking, how badly will I get burned if i'm wearing a FIRE-PROOF suit?
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I tend to have to agree with havoc here. I mean im not sure its possible to generate static inside one of those bags. Dont worry dude damn. Its damn ahrd to fry a hd anyway.

Sometimes I wonder if I\'m enough a nerd to do this...

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