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cool, we are the 3rd and 4th

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Well let's keep it going then. I like AMD because...
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Hi I'm a new poster. This will be a healthy post so I'll break it down in sections:

1 - Why I am switching from Intel to AMD
2 - Questions about my future set up
3 - Comments about this thread

1 - I am going from Intel to AMD. I have a 2.4 ghz 800 fsb pentium 4, so it's not like I'm switching over only because I have a 900 mhz Pentium 3 from the days of Quake 3 Arena. I'm switching over for numerous reasons, not just biased opinions.

Firstly, I've lost respect for Intel as a company. They just don't do it for the customers. When RAMBUS was out, was when I bought my set up. Intel fed us so much crap about RAMBUS being the generation of ram and how it will be fully implemented and backed by ram companies, blah blah blah. I used a RAMBUS board and watched the benchmarks fly. It was powerful but I made a huge mistake. I started with 2x 256 megabyte chips so I was using 512 megabytes of ram. The problem came when I stopped following up on Tech Boards and I started playing World of Warcraft more often with my free time. That game runs much sweeter on a gig of ram, since it uses about 450 megabytes of ram. I decided, "Ok I have about 150 bucks... I'll go buy another 512 megabytes of ram." When I went to websites and such... What was it I found out? Rambus was dead, prices skyrocketed because manufacturers stopped making it, DDR SDRAM was competitive, then the final blow came when DDR2 was fully implemented.
I was pissed. I was pissed that Intel sold out and went to DDR. I understand that DDR is better, but some people buy computers to be a 5 year investment, not an "upgrade every 3 months" system. My friends just needed 70 bucks to upgrade their 512 set ups to 1024, playing happily at max settings in WoW while I sit at my computer that I paid premium for only to play a game that's not as graphic intensive as others, at half settings and sometimes low settings.
So the big day came, extra money is coming in, I'm single so don't have a gf to blow money on, end of semester. I decided, I want to build a new rig and give my old one to my mom. It wasn't even a question, AMD was my choice. The bottom line is, AMD does what companies SHOULD do and that's build based on what the consumer base wants. I'm a business administration and international business major, and when I analyze AMD they have a much better business outlook than Intel does. Let's say I want a cheap build that performs relatively well in regular apps like Word, but can get down and dirty when I'm gaming - A 350$ set up AMD build (without videocard of course) can get you there. The good thing about it is let's say 3 months from now I have extra money and I want to upgrade my CPU. I can do that with AMD and not be raped in prices. The 2.4 from Pentium ALWAYS costs over like 120 bucks. The 2400+ from AMD you can get a lot cheaper, and they're in competitive markets! *More in next post*
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1 *cont* - Before I go into detail about the set up I'm working on - A few more details about my thoughts on AMD versus Intel. I drive a 2002 Corolla, 5 speed and I used to be in the racing scene. Intel Versus AMD in terms of performance users is sort of like Toyota versus Honda. Toyota has possibilities for it that would make it a good argument against Honda, but what's the problem? A Honda driver can get all of that done for much cheaper because of the aftermarket and support behind it from users. The bottom line is, threads like these are also a good reason behind why I'm going with AMD over Intel. If I want to overclock my AMD, there's hundreds of guides and HAPPY HELPFUL users ready to help me out if I ask nicely. If I have problems with it, same as above. If I have questions, same as above. I'd feel more at home with an AMD set up than an Intel set up. What's waiting for me in the land of Intel? Pain and agony. Stress messing with front side buses and worrying about most intel motherboards not letting you mess with the multiplier. Angry users that are usually flame happy and never really give a full answer.

I'm not looking for flames, these are just my thoughts and perceptions.

2 - Questions about my set up
I see a lot of people use the DFI Lan Party motherboard, but I didn't feel content spending 130 dollars for the motherboard that although recommended, had known stability issues. I bought a Gigabyte K8 Triton Socket 939 version with AGP8x instead of PCI-Express (Nforce 3 chipset). I know that Nforce 4 is the new chipset, but I don't have a lot of money to spend and it was a really good deal to me (75 bucks out the door, brand new after talking to the manager a bit). My question - I have 6 days to return it if I decide I want something else so, is this a good motherboard or is there something else available? Please do not answer this question if you're going to say "UsE teh SeArCh funkshun n00b!!!" or if you're going to recommend a 150 dollar motherboard, as I said, budget is an issue.

Second question - And thanks for replying if you do. I'm recycling an ATI 9600XT from my old computer but I'm wondering about lifespan. Although I haven't overclocked it, I have been running it for about a year and a few months now. I got it when Final Fantasy XI was in its sophomore ages. So if it came out late 2002, I guess I got this videocard early 2003? I can't pinpoint the date exactly but I remember where I lived when I got it, and that was a while ago. Will this videocard run fine? I didn't overclock it but I used it heavily (MMORPG gamer), I'm thinking of replacing the cooling system on it.

Now the important part - *next post*
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3 - comments on this thread

Hopefully this will give you guys a good idea about what I think about the progression of this thread.

Stop flaming each other! A lot of useful information was taken in by me and I'm sure others too that haven't registered. I registered to this forum and plan on staying a while just because of this thread alone. Jak is a really good mod and it looks like he's taking charge.

The information I took in -

I learned about PCI-Express which helped me choose my motherboard because I found this thread from google before I went to buy my motherboard. I honestly thought PCI-Express was better than AGP right now, because a lot of hard headed "get the best gear" techies told me it was. Threads like these are the reason I prefer the internet for information instead of people irl. Everyone I ask always gives me bull about getting the best set up. Me - "Is a 2800+ pretty decent right now?" Rl person's answer - "No, just spend the extra 100 bucks and buy a 3500, you will regret it if you dont".

This thread has more realistic answers, most of the time, to a lot of the questions proposed by the other end.

I also read a lot of compelling arguments favoring one set up compared to the other. I learned about ram's speed having to be equal to the processor's front side bus and how it works. I learned about the different chips. This is a great thread guys, I truly appreciate it.

In the end, in my opinion, it depends on the user. Most fans of Intel are people that can afford it, so they have the option of choosing. Fans of AMD's are the kind of guys that get a 600 dollar car and turn it into a 10 second racer that beats out Ferraris. People with no clue, well it depends on budget what's best. If you're on a budget, go with AMD hands down. Don't be an a-something and tell people on a budget to get the best Intel they can for the money, because even as an Intel-person, at that point you're just being a detrimental person to the public.
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I deleted my post.. I went back and looked and it does have dual channel and pcie support..

I was thinking of an older version of the board.. Sorry =)

It doesn't however have any firewire ports.. It looks kind of looks like a stripped down version of the k8ns ultra.. Should prove to be very stable. Only problem is that gigabyte hasnt released F6 bios (dual core and venice support) for that board yet.. If you're going to get a venice 939 chip for the system it will work and boot, but wont have official support for it. The k8ns-ultra has also proved to be a decent overclocker.
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Eat your heart out intel.
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Also, here's a pic of the motherboard itself, with the Multi-colored Ram slots

As far as PCI-E, by the time I buy a PCI-E videocard that has performance stats to take advantage of the slot (Like maybe 290$) It will be late quarter 2005, and even at that point I'll probably still be content with a AGP 8x videocard. I will buy a PCI-Express motherboard eventually, but when I do - It wouldn't have made a difference if I upgraded from AGP 8x or an older PCI-Express motherboard anyway.

Reason why? If I get a PCI-E motherboard now, I'll also have to get a PCI-E videocard, of which I don't have a lot of money to spend on, so I'll end up going from a 9600XT to something equivalent of a 5200XT (The MX420's of this generation). I'll lose benchmark specs and overall visual quality, and by the time I CAN afford a PCI-Express videocard that's worthy of paying the extra money for, I'll probably need a new motherboard anyway!

But thanks for trying
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Crap... Covering your tracks to prevent criticism! Blast you, now I have to delete my posts too... >_<

I'm leaving the one up about AGP versus PCI-E for my current position though
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I don't really use Firewire though, USB 2.0 is fine enough for me.

About the bios - What's the difference between a bios supporting it and not supporting it? Just so you know - I'm not overclocking. When I do, it won't be for another few months, after I upgrade the cooling system and get a better AGP videocard.

Is Gigabyte planning on releasing a bios that supports the Venice chips?

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