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Old 08-08-2005, 10:18 PM   #21 (permalink)
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They are comparable, but the architechture is different. If you notice a AMD 3000+ performs at speeds = or greater to the P4 3.0 Ghz. Just like the 3500+ would be w/ P4 3.5 Ghz. AMD's FSB is higher most of the time than Intel's.

It really just depends on what you want to do. You could get a cheap 700Mhz PIII with 512 RAM and do just fine.

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Originally posted by Nubius
yeah...I was aware of the semprons taking over the durons, but I wasn't sure of how low the semprons actually go in it's only for Socket 754 right? I was trying to stick to old school with socket A system, plus the durons of yesteryear are probably closer to the power of his current celeron.

1.6GHz duron $40.....that's more than enough power and with a low budget...or you could 'spoil' yourself and pay $43 for a 1.8GHz
Their are SOCKET A semprons as well.

Anyways, SKT 370 celerons are no longer produced...

EDIT: Newer semprons have 64bit capabilities

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Their are SOCKET A semprons as well.
that's what I was unsure of, but yeah I see one here:

$112 bucks though...considering his needs a cheap *** duron would be fine
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Originally posted by DJ-CHRIS
EDIT: Newer semprons have 64bit capabilities

2 day's after getting my sempron the place got a shipment of 64bit one's I was thinking of taking mine back and getting 1 but i didn't have the extra cash
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we have a great system for surfing at my dads house. its a Pentium Three 600mhx, 198mb ram, Nvidia TNT 2 with 32mb. One thing I highly suggest is that if your not a total newbie when it comes to computers, you should look into linux. if that is truely all your doing Linux will be better. secure, fast, no viruses, no spyware/adware no worries... however if your doing a wireless netowrk it can be a little harder. if you need a simple image editing program there are plenty free ones on the interent and Open Office is the equivelent to MS word (opens MS word files) . its got spell check and all the good stuff. I suggest Ubuntu Linux. search for it in google. It comes with image editing software, along with open office and a fair amount of other programs already in the os. it installs just like windows. also, you can update ALL your programs at once similar to windows update only for all your software!
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true linux definitely does increase browsing pleasure on older sytems!!! i was under the impression that a sempron was a sempron and had its own core, not modified architecture? its surprising the overkill people want for the internet. my pII-400 out performs my friends pIII-637 for browsing. if you have anything over about 400mhz and your browsing is slow then i say take a look at other factors that could be slowing you down such as a crapped out HDD (virtual memory and internet cache) and memory.
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No viruses on Linux? I think you will find that the script kiddies are now turning their grubby little fingers to Linux etc. The recent success of Linux will be it's downfall. It was never worth writing a virus for an OS with so few users. Don't get me wrong, I am now starting to dabble in Linux, all I'm saying is don't naively open your system to the internet without suitable protection. Practice safe surfing.
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You will notice when it comes to downloading pics and video streaming and things that require more power.
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Well, back to the original topic of this thread (you don't want me to get on the topic of Linux vs. Windows), your processor doesn't really have anything to do with the speed of web surfing. Its all about your connection speed. You could have an AMD64 FX-57 and if you had a dial-up connection, it be as slow as molasses. If you are on dial-up, consider upgrading to DSL or cable, that will make a world of difference even on your Celeron.

EDIT: It suprises me nobody has asked him his connection speed yet. I know where I live, people buy new computers all the time thinking it will speed up their Internet, but they are on dial-up, so nothing will speed that up except upgrading to DSL or cable.
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Yes, connection speed does make a difference. A big one. But you can notice the difference between processors also when it comes to doing bigger things on the internet. I have been there and done that.

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