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Default AMD installation problems, FSB help

i just bought a AMD 2600 with 333MHz FSB, and it came with the compatable motherboard.

the problem is, they gave me a 512 MB ram that does not coincide with the 333Mhz FSB(i got that from a chart that came with the motherboard's documentation). the ram is a PC3200 and that only works with a 400MHz. it says im supposed to have a PC2700 or PC2100 ram.

the 3200 RAM doesnt cause any problems, it just doesnt let my processor do its max speed. in the BIOS it only gives me up too 200 MHz FSB. when i choose this, my windows doesnt load, and the highest i can go is 166.

at 133 mhz it gives me about 1.2 ghz clock speed, but when i go to 166 it gives me a nice 2 Ghz clock speed. then going to 200 MHz gives me an unusable 2.4 ghz. am I overclocking it? or is the ram not being compatible giving me the problems?

i feel that i should be able to go to 333 mhz but i dont have that option in the bios.

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is the 2700 more expensive than PC3200? i need to know by tomorrow

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umm everythign is fine, amd 2600 just means about the equivalent to an intel 2.6ghz, i have an amd 2800 and stock it runs at about 2.1ghz. as for the front side bus, for the bios settings you cut it in half so everything is right. the fsb speed should be set to 166(multiply by 2 u get 333, well 332 but its really 333). your memory is fine too, you don't have to change it at all. however, if you want to overclock, figure out a. if your cpu is locked or unlocked and if its unlocked, find out what your cpu is running at in "ghz" and then change the multiplier to a divisible of 200. i.e., my processor was runnign at 2100ghz. it came stock likes yours with a 333mhz fsb but i had 400mhz ram liek you, so i went into the bios and chnaged the multiplier to 10.5 and changed the fsb setting to 200. thus, creating a 400mhz fsb. hope thats not too crazy for you. in lamens terms though, everythign for you is working fine, no need for returns
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wow thanks for the help, i searched everywhere and could not find an explanation. i didnt know that it was multiplied by two, when i run at 200 mhz nothing works, and im too scared to mess with the voltage.

but thanks a lot for clearing up everything, i was going to go crazy if i didnt know what to do before tomorrow.
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you need to up the voltage to get it stable
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The AMD 2600+ is supposed to run at 2.13 GHz, and thats with PC2100 RAM. I have a friend who overclocks his to 2.4 GHz, but if you do that, you really need good cooling.

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