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Old 04-11-2005, 04:07 PM   #31 (permalink)
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yeah, one of my friends in tiland got a computer with specs about the same as my dell and got it for about 2000 not including the moniter. I told him over and over again to build one but the reason was that they have no time. I mean, if they were to build that, it would of been like 1500


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so basically alienware is just a hot damn piece of kit which we could have assembled for 500 bucks less. correct?

i guess they assemble their own laptops too?

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they do indeed assemble their own laptops (thats something u cant do urself). The alienwares are quality computers, but they are more expensive than a ferrari (well, think proportionally). You could definitly assemble something akin to the comp u would get from them for a lot less. And if u use parts u already own (hard drive, cd drive, floppy drive, monitor, etc), u can save a lot.

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(laughs) funyn how everybody ignores dale. dude your trying to fight a losing battle there. the HL2 mod specifically asks for Nvidia cards, so in that case the ATI cards wont be able to play it let alone try and play it better. You know its pretty bad when ATIs own game turns to Nvidia for its "prettyness". they like it better and AA isnt everything, BTW openGL 2 has been around for awhile.
why dont you take a look at that and make sure you have your facts right before you post somethign stupid like that. on a side note ATI was the one that ****ed up this line of cards because they had to put so many cards out to catch up to Nvidia who just sat on their *** letting ATI lose while they where sitting on top of the 6600GT and 6800GT all christmas long buddy. I would rethink things if i where you. oh yea and you need to get a life if all you can do is sit on a forum and tell false information and flame ppl w/ it. Maybe you should rethink things before you go and do somethign stupid liek that again. BTW if you try flaming to this post you are just making your self look more stupid because Your the one that needs a life. Now if i may ill be out till sunday. PEACE!!
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WOW.................this thread blew up in just a couple days. Well, so far I havent been able to do much with the comp. I did however TRY to run FarCry, but it ran like crap. I assume that's due to the very outdated video drivers that Alienware so graciously had installed on my new comp. I just downloaded and installed the latest nvidia, we'll see how it goes now. I started another thread with a 3dmark05 score of 5,553. Not bad.................I guess, but I'm new to this.
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Originally posted by rookie1010
are alienware laptops the best for gaming or for any application

at work we might have to buiy a high spec machine for long simulations, would you guys suggest an alienware?
i suggest

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Just because nvidia came out with the 6600 and 6800 gt doesn't make them better. And pixel shader 3 doesn't do crap, I don't care if one mod for one game MIGHT be released using PS3. There are a zillion other frickin mods fo counter strike I doubt everyone will drop ATI ust because of that. And if you are looking for the most powerful video card sorry to say but ATI still has that boat. So you can defend nvidia all you want but they're video cards are weaker and the only way they can think of making them more powerful is putting more of them together (SLI) ...pathetic. ATI knows how to get power out of a single card unlike nvidia who can barely handle 6X aa/16af on their top card.

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