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Old 11-22-2004, 03:28 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default AGP port fried?

Hello tech gurus! Though I am a newb to these forums, I have built a few systems on my own over the years. Anyway, I wondered if anyone can tell me if my AGP port is fried or if maybe something else could be a culprit. I have recently been having BIG problems with my PSU. All the same old stuff, random restarts, a LONG timewait between powering down and forth. Also, my case was getting pretty beat up so I decided to just buy a new case and PSU. I was also worried about my vid card as sometimes my monitor would "lose" a signal and I had to do a restart to get any sort of video again. I switched out my mobo and all my drives and cards to the new case, and when I fired it up I had no vid signal. I figured that my card finally crapped out on me, so I went and picked up a new card and installed it...and got the same result. I thought maybe it was my monitor as it is pretty old, so I tried the s-vid connection with my HDTV, again, no signal! I know there is a possibility that I got a bum card, but there are too many coincidences going on here. The inly thing I can't figure out is the fact that the new vid card obviuosly has power from the AGP port as the fan on it starts up. Can the port be fried yet still supply power to the card?
Any suggestions would be helpful, although I don't have access to any other comps to do comparison tests as my GF has a Imac that I am posting on now.
Also I do post when my PC starts up as I hear no beeps from the system speaker on startup.
The card is a BFG GF FX 5500 OC 128mg
Mobo I have no idea, something fairly generic.
CPU is a 1ghz Duron at stock speed.
I also have a SB Live and a NIC card but I have tried starting with and without these cards so I don't think its an TRQ or DMA conflict.

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Sounds like a fried mobo to me. Check your RAM, re-seat it. Get a PCI graphics card and see if you can get a signal.

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My AGP slot is fried also pal . I feel your pain... lol! I replaced the AGP Video Card 2 times thinking it WAS the card. Boy, was I wrong. I wound up just getting a PCI version of my card, and everything runs smooth.
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i just can't find a nice pci card for my pc sometimes the price is too damn high
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Depending on your Video Cards warrenty, you should be able to order an RMA number from the manufacture. Send it back and get a new AGP card then. If that is the only way to test it... however you will wait upwards of TWO WEEKS for this transaction to complete! Your best bet is borrow a video card, or buying a cheap AGP video card, and return it when your results are concluded. If however, you would like to switch straight to a PCI video card and not locate the actual issue, then here are PLENTY of PCI video cards at low-high range pricing.
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That's unfortunate dude.

I would rather buy a new mobo than settle for a crap PCI card myself especially if you're a gamer.
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I agree a new
Mobo and cpu will only run you $250.00 or so.Thats if you got the money.
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i had pci graphics for a while its supposed to take something like 10% hit in performance but they dont sell the better cards in that format.

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does the mbd get power at all? if not, maybe grounding to the case. set to bare bones minimum out of the case and try it.

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