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Old 10-19-2004, 03:20 AM   #11 (permalink)
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yes that it iss.. well id tell u to go ahead and oc it then.. but im small incriments.. about 1 mhz fsb at a time.. and each time when u boot run prime95 or another cpu intensive test to test the stability and run 3Dmark or aquamark to test that ur video card is still working at optimal levels.. and make sure to keep a close eye on all the temperatures.. if any of the tests have an error or the system seems unstable then restart and step it back down a little bit to the last stable setting u had

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i have read some reviews and apparently the board was completely stable when running the ram at ddr440 and 220 mhz fsb. do you think it would be too much to jump from 2.0 ghz to 2.2 ghz? or should i move up slowly?

ps. thank you very much silver. i appreciate your advice.

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Old 10-19-2004, 04:05 AM   #13 (permalink)
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I suggest you just raise your multi plier to 11 to achieve your desired 2.2GHz, it's much safer. Also if you have value ram the chances of it wanting to work stable will be lower than if you had high performance. You need to use a memory diagnostic tool such as memtest86 after you've overclocked your RAM if you choose to take that route, to insure stability. There's also another diagnostic program simply called 'Windows Memory Diagnostic' so I'm sure it's on the website. If you want to overclock your FSB to 220 instead of changing your multiplier to 11 then do this:

Change the FSB in increments of 5, once you hit 210 and your computer still boots up. Run the memory diagnostic. I wouldn't be surprised if you get some errors. Not to worry though, if you go in and loosen your RAM timings you will be able to better stabelize it. You will also possibly need to raise the Dimm voltage but be VERY careful with that, just raise it up by the smallest increment your computer can and test it with memory diagnostic. The timing you want to loosen is the Cycle Time (Tras) so look for that and bump that up one notch.

Silver has basically explained it pretty good, but I was just going to say regarding the PCI and AGP, if you adjust simply the multiplier you won't have to worry about locking the AGP and locking the AGP automatically locks the PCI bus because they have a 2:1 ratio. With your CPU being 200FSB normall the CPU:AGP:PCI ratio is 6:2:1 = 200:66:33, 66x3 = 199 but it gets rounded to 200 ya see? So if you raise your FSB by 20 and have 220 then you'll have 220 divided by 3 = 73.3 and your PCI would then be 36 so you'll be pushing the AGP and PCI pretty close to their limits IMO.

Conclusion: I think you'd be better of just raising the multi to 11. Raise it to 10.5 first, then 11 to make sure it can take it. If you insist on trying to raise the FSB without being able to lock the AGP and PCI bus then I'm telling you to be careful with that cause chances of frying something are easy. Good luck
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Old 10-19-2004, 04:22 AM   #14 (permalink)
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if i leave the frequency at 200 mhz and bump the multiplier up to 11 (which gives me 2.2 ghz), then what is the difference between that and having 220x10?

please explain nubius. thank you for that long post.

ps the memory that i have is corsair xms with heatspreaders. i also changed the nb and sb cooling as well as the cpu.

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