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Default Aaahhh! Need Help! Hehe

okay this is just a big pile of crap rolled all into one! lol. im going to start from the beginning.

i was running a gigabyte ga-7vrx motherboard with a amd 2100+ processor. i have 1.5 gigs of ram.

well about a month ago, i started up internet explorer and crack computer restarted, wouldn't reboot, didn't do a thing. unplugged it did all the normal stuff to see if anythign was wrong, just woulnd't reboot. so i was like awesome! broken motherboard or processor. so i opened computer up and took a look inside. i undid everything on the computer, unscrewed motherboard adn all. took a look and the motherboard has a huge dark green spot, looked like a burn mark. looked up online to see if this was a common issue with this motherboard. turns out it was. so i bought one of my friends older motherboards. a soltek. popped it into the computer and reinstalled the processor, ram, and all. (by the way i ran diagnostics on the ram to check to see if that was a problem. also did a manuel check, 1 by 1). finally i installed everythign back. whala! everythign worked A-OKAY!. so about 3 days ago, over playing world of warcraft with some friends at a lan, and bam, same thign started up again. totally pissed off, i could only guess it was the processor. bought the processor used a while back. heard it had a similar problem, so i got it dirt cheap. anyhow i decided to go get a new one. a amd 2200+. just installed that about a hour ago, ran another ram diagnostic and then started up windows. everything started okay, no problem, then bam! same thing. reboots. why is this? ive eliminated possible OS problems because i have a very default xp ghost disk. xp, drivers, and 3 small programs. so very basic setup on the ghost. i ghosted both my hard drives. and im still having this problem. any idea to how i could resolve this? or suggestions to what it may be? thansk again guys, appreciate it greatly!


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bad power supply seems like the problem for me.

[root@root root]$ su
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awesome! thanks for the advice. ill look into it. maybe its all i need!

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could be the PSU, but also run memtest to see if its the RAM. kinda hard to do though if your computer doesn't post lol
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Default I had similar...

reboots that were due to an overtaxed Power Supply before. Random reboots, but never melting of the PCMB or burnt marks. Although your PSU may be part of the problem...... something else seems wrong too. Have you checked that the RAM you're using is supported on the Soltek you're using now (sometimes using registered memory in an unbuffered board can give weird issues). Are you overclocking any system parts at all?
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