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Default 8500 vs ti500=8500, but switching to ATI questions

i was choosing between a ti500 and a R8500 and realized their specs were nearly the same, but the 8500 is better in both specs and benchmarks. Anyways this would be my first time using an ATI card (no offence ATI fans) and my friends all have nVidia and say ATI sucks. Now i know it can not be as bad as they say but i just want to clear some things up AND I AM NOT TRYING TO TURN THIS INTO A NVIDIA VS ATI BOARD!!!!:
I have heard from all of them that ATI cards fry/die sooner then Nvidia's cards or don't last as long..
also i want to be able to play halo and unreal tournament 2004 (on humble 800X600 with med settings) but they say it won't run it because those games work way better with nVidia cards.
They also say ATI drivers suck..
any truth to any of this????

p.s. how will halo & UT04 run (with 800X600 or even 640X480 for halo) with a
1.1ghz athlon
512 pc100 ram
64mb R8500 OR would it run better on a ti500

and would i see a difference if i got a 128mb 8500 rather then 64mb

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ATI doesn't do as well in Doom 3, but thats about it. With everything else, its pretty much all personal preference. With the card you are suggesting and your hardware, you wont be running Doom 3 anyway. As for your friends saying ATI sucks, they are just being fan boys. Benchmarks prove that up until the X800 series, ATI totally slaughtered Nvidia. So really, its up to you whether you pick Nvidia or ATI, especially with older cards. Now when it comes to X800 vs. 6800, thats a different story since there is a major difference in performance between the two cards.

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Did they also tell you Nvidia cards are generally bigger in size? That may or may not be a concern, however I like small components. They tend to not get in the way of the systems wires.

Also, I have NEVER heard that ATI cards die faster, if they die at all. Not many components die like that, including VPU's and CPU's. So unless your friends are overclocking there is very little chance the VPU will just quit. Also, your friends maybe have been talking about a bad brand name ATI card. If it worries you, buy a VisionTek ATI card, as they have lifetime warrantee's.

ATI's drivers use to be a little on the sucky side.. However, ATI has massively improved them. I am using the 4.10 Catalyst drivers and I have never had a problem.
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For all i know, the TI500 is alot more older than the 8500, so the 8500 is more up-to date compared to the TI500. Thus, i say get the Radeon 8500. (A little history here; the 8500 was introduced during the GeForce 4 Titanium Era, and the comparisons weren't pretty at all for ATI.)
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