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Default 6600GT or 6800

I'm trying to decide between two different cards. Both of EVGA. I was going to get the 6600GT, but now I'm thinking about the 6800. Is the 6800 worth the extra 60 bucks, or should I just stick with the 6600GT.

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If you want a 6800, go with the 6800 GT. The regular 6800 is a waste of money IMO. It is slightly better than the 6600 GT, but not that much better.

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Old 04-29-2005, 12:29 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Click here for some benchmarks showing the 6600GT vs. the 6800. As you'll see, the 6800 does indeed beat out the 6600GT, but the decision is up to you if it's worth $60. Personally, I agree with beedubaya, that if you're going to get a vid card, save up for the 6800GT. If spending $300 isn't an option, I would go with the 6600GT over the 6800. The performance increase doesn't justify $60 for me.
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save up for the 6800GT....or buy the 6600GT now and then within 90 days use eVGA's step up program and then you can go to the 6800GT by paying the difference between the 6600GT and the 6800GT, mind you at evga.com they still have the 6800GT at $399 so basically you'd pay near $200 for a 6600GT now and then $200 later, but I love this 6800GT, especially clocked at Ultra specs
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I had the same problem, but i've decided to go with the 6600GT , i dont think the 6800 is really worth it, althought it does have 12 pipelines and is 256 bit but i beleive the core speed is slower then the 6600GT if your going to get something better then the GT do what everyone else has said and get the 6800GT, otherwise get the 6600GT, it will run everything fine.

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Unless you're going to use REALLY INTENSE graphics, I'd just go with the 6600GT, that's what I have.
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what do you guys think of this 6600gt

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Yeah it's a good 6600GT for AGP

I just wish eVGA used faster memory on their 6600GT's
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The 6600 GT can max out all current games. I don't know how long its legs are though, only time will tell. I do know the 6600 GT is perhaps one of the best value cards I've ever seen. I know people with the 6800, and all of them wish they would have waited for the 6800 GT.
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Old 04-29-2005, 02:01 PM   #10 (permalink)
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I think if your going to get a 6800, get the 6800 GT. But it depends on how much your willing to spend. Because the 6800 GT is alot better then the 6600 GT. I suggest Nubius idea. If you dont have the money rite now, get the 6600 GT. Then when you do have the money, send the card to eVGA and pay the differience.

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