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Default Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

I recently started my second build. Inside components are as follows,
Asus P6t Deluxe V2
Intel 2.66Ghz i7
2X EVGA GTX 285 (although when I tried to boot computer I've used just a single Card also)
6GB Patriot Viper 1300

When I try to boot up the system, everything powers on, all fans are catching (even the video card's), but the screen is black, and it wont detect anything. I've tried multiple forms of input, VGA, HDMI, and DVI, but the monitor shows no success! The motherboard won't even beep to signify what's wrong with anything. Nothing will show p at all on the screen. I've checked all connections properly, and tried booting with a single video card instead of with both. Nothing changes. I've also made sure that my video card is in the correct clot on the mother board.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

Are you sure your power supply is good enough for the 285s (or even one)? I'm guessing it is but just want to be sure; could be the cards aren't getting all the power they need.

And you're entirely sure the PCI-E power connectors are in? (you said you checked all connections but again want to be sure).

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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

try resetting the CMOS and booting with one stick of ram at a time.

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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

Your mobo might be shorting out on a stand-off. Double check the 8-pin mobo connector. Try a different Power Supply. Try all the advise given before me
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sorry, I forgot to list my PSU.. it is...
OCZ Stealth X Stream 700W
it should be more than capable to run dual 285's.

I'll try reseting my CMOS, and booting from only one stick of RAM.


No such luck... tried booting with only one stick of Ram, with all three sticks. Than I reset my CMOS... I tried with DVI and VGA, just in case it's something wierd like that.... I'll google some more!
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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

Make sure your mobo isn't defaulting to on-board video.

If it isn't then Id say your mobo PCI-E slots might have died.

(Even if it didn't default to on-board try and plug your monitor into on board VGA and see if it will boot)

Sounds like a crap motherboard.
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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

I had exactly the same fault you are describing. This happened after a storm when my screens just went blank.

I would press the power button and all the fans would spin up, no beep, no display. I had the fault diagnosed by a repair shop as i had no way of testing it, they told me it was the mobo and my replacement board is arriving today so once i get it hooked up i will let you know the results.
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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

Originally Posted by moshkid213 View Post
Make sure your mobo isn't defaulting to on-board video.
p6t deluxe does not have onboard video.

Do you have a motherboard speaker attached to the front panel connectors?
If so any beeps?
if not connect one.
try booting with out the vid card installed to see if it beeps at you for no video.
try different pci-e slots. The one you should use is closest to the cpu but try the middle one as well.
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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

I just recovered after a similar problem, pain in the butt stuff ..but.. all is OK now. Take every component out of the machine, leave 1 stick of RAM, 1 HDD and one DVD/CD ROM. If you then get a post, shutdown and replace 1 component at the time, shutdown after each component is installed. I did this and finished up with my PC configured as it was, every component that caused the blank screen in the first instance was back in the PC and have had no further problems .... doesn't compute, does it.
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Default Re: Won't Boot! Black Screen! GTX 285 SLI i7

Fyi, as my above post says about same fault; i got my new mobo, installed it and my PC is all up and running again. **** storms!

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