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Default Video frame rate problem. New processor required?

Ok well after all these years I finally got DSL! I figured that I might finally be able to watch videos online, since the videos are supposed "stream". However, the dreaded fear that my computer was outdated came back to haunt me. I have tried running videos online and offline with dial-up but always the videos played choppy/pulsy/stuttery almost. The frame rate is horrible... and the sound plays but stutters every second or two. It is so bad that it's impossible to watch anything.

Just a week ago, I figured that it might well be the RAM so I added an extra 256mb to my existing 128mb. I also found a new linksys router on sale for $15.00 since I didn't trust the one that came with this computer. I felt it was outdated (due to the fact that the adaptor was only the size of a quarter).

So the wait is finally over, the internet is running fast, I can listen to music and download in seconds. But when I went to go play a video on youtube my jaw dropped as the old problem persisted.

I've updated my DirectX driver, and attempted to update my video driver and I've come to the conclusion that my 433mhz processor is much too slow to run videos

Would it make since to upgrade my processor? I would have to have to get a whole new computer just yet.

So some specs:
-Windows 98SE
-433mhz Celeron Processor (66 x 6.5)
-Sis 620 video card
-10gb hard drive
-384mb RAM (pc100)
-computer company is TDN (it was local... until they went bankrupt)

thanks for reading, sorry for the rambling [I tried to keep it brief].

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what i need to know is what type of Celeron you have there. is it a Slot1 or a PGA370? it's simple to tell. the Slot1 processors come in a large cartridge that looks like this:

if you don't see anything that looks remotely like that you must have an s370 processor. either way you should be able to get a processor at least up to about 1GHz and that should solve your lag.

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Try updating your video and sound drivers if you can before upgrading. Also grab the latest version of WMP that works with 98se and the codec packages.
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i got same setup, just higher fsb. if you can raise ur fsb a little do that, also you should look into a better video card...these systems are so outdated you cant do any real upgrading...wel you can but the cpu u choose has to run at 2v, 66mhz fsb, etc. cant go for the newer ones that run at 1.75v and 133fsb.

would just be better to save ur money and go to newegg and build a cheap all in one system (get a mobo/vga/cpu combo and thro on 512mb of ram onto it with a 350w ps and just get the rest from the old rig

these would be good if u had the money

total comes to 162.97 before taxes and shipping.
(which is pretty cheap for a computer)
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It's a PPGA Celeron Socket-370
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