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Shaundale 05-16-2009 09:39 AM

Very Slow System
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Just formatted the Drive. Put clean copy of Win XP Hme on and have found that My games are taking a very Long Time to install. Empire Total War Over 6 Hours, COD4 3 Hours. I have installed all drivers through Microsoft and there are no more drivers to install. Everythings up to date. I'll try and attach my Device manager so Hopefully that helps. If anyone has an idea That would be great, It'd been even better if it fix's the problem :happy:


Slaymate 05-16-2009 10:16 AM

Re: Very Slow System
You need to update your drivers using the drivers from the hardware manufacturer, not Microsoft. Microsoft drivers are a bare minimun to get the system running.

You need to list your full system spec's

Motherboard - Manufacturer - Model Number - version
Video Card - Manufacturer - Model Number
Sound Card - Manufacturer - Model Number
And so on :D

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