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That WD AV drive looks like a good idea... What I would prefer to do is replace my seagate that i just bought with this AV drive... hopefully i can find a 500 GB model?
This is my media (2nd) drive, where it records to, has all my personal music and movies on it. This is the one i want to be most reliable.
For my system drive, I want speed... i plan on backing it up with an image of it and ideally i'd buy a 3rd drive just for back up purposes, probably not even have it running in the system, only plug it in when i need to do a backup.
I want a fast system drive because there are some huge VST instruments that i use (EZdrummer, True Pianos...) and these load up to half a GB of sound clips into the RAM/pagefile each time i load the songs... It takes a good minute to load songs im working on. These VSTi's are stored on the runner drive. That and I want XP to load faster.

Im not afraid to spend a little money here cause as we all know, if you have to buy it again in a year, then ur not saving much.
What would be a good fast system drive (74-160 GB) that will load programs and windows fast? Thats why i was wondering about the velociraptor- I just wont get a reconditioned one. screw that.

Anyone have an opinion on Samsung? the F3's are fair price, best customer reviews of any brand, and are fast single-threaded uses... which brings me to ask, is multitrack audio redording a single or multi-thread task?
Is multithreading like when you copy one folder betweens drives it goes fast but when you give it a second folder to copy at the same time... it slows to a crawl? I guess this drive is great except for multithreading.. i saw a pretty hefty report on different drives and this one fared pretty well.

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Default Re: URGENT: Event 51 (paging), 50 (write failed) and 12 (drive dissapeared) on my DAW

To your first post in page in 2:
To be to honest the drive you mention would be the quickest but it does have it's down side from that drive failing in unteenth months.
Any hdd at at a speed of 7200rpm windows or linux will handle it to well, you can choose between wester digital or seagate both have their good pros both have bad cons.
The only place you went wrong is putting your faith in that stupid maxtor hdd, ever since 2003 they have been screwing stuff up left and right to the point where they have almost given up.

Here's your last look at this:Newegg.com - Western Digital Caviar Green WD5000CSRTL 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive
I would recommend you get that model, it's in my computer now as primary until my replacement gets in from texas.

Goodluck with your shopping.

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Default Re: URGENT: Event 51 (paging), 50 (write failed) and 12 (drive dissapeared) on my DAW

Bad news. 1 samsung and 2 western Black's all failed to format. all brand new drives. (getting expensive now.) hopefully ill get my advanced RMA accepted on the one Black drive, they sent me a 2nd one on credit.
Oh and i used all new cables.
So now there's no doubd my board is toast. Here's the details...

monitored power supply 5 and 12 V for quite some time, and during the time of failure, stable as any Antec truepower should be. not the PS

I can run 2 drives on this all day long now, but each time i tried the third one, it showed up in WDM, i initialized it, created 2 partitions all standard settings, and the PC just locks up about halfway into the process. Completely. dead keyboard and all. Does this thru Windows utility and same in Easus Partition manager. reboot, it shows in POST and boots, and shows up in my computer in windows. Try to open the drive to view it, PC locks up completely again. So I shut it off, pull the drive.
Reboot, and it fails POST. 2 drives are there, but i get errors and cant continue to boot, F4 is my only option, setup.
Turns out after plugging and unplugging and re-arranging the 2 drives to just the right combination of the 4 available SATA controllers, I finally get a quick and normal boot, and continues to boot just fine.

Note that the combination that works now is not the original combo before all of this. Shouldnt any drive work in any slot, regardless of how it was installed??

It wasnt like this untill the last drive failed formatting. I had my system drive and my media drive swapped, but i had to change the sata cables back because i had a laggy mouse, and suspected it was that. I was right.

anyways, when it failed to boot i got these errors:
107 System board non-maskable interrupt (NMI) test failure; Hot NMI test failure (MCA)
108 System board timer bus test failure
114 PS/2 external ROM checksum error
116 System board read/write error

So unless anyone thinks its maybe like a bois update needed, im looking for a new board. If anyone could assist me???

this is what i want:
ATX, or any variation that will fit a common case. (rosewell blackbone)
LGA775 socket, ATX12 power
Dual channel RAM
accepts DDR2 ram, cuz its a third of the cost of my current DDR1 crap
SATA 3.0 (4 to 6)
EIDE (1)
PCI-Ex16 (1)
PCI (2)
USB 2.0- 4 rear and 2 headers totalling 8, should be standard

Floppy controller- Music machines still need those, unfortunately
onboard dual monitor would be nice, but i have a cheap card now and it works fine for my needs. a board with no onboard video might also be ideal in a music PC, from what i hear of the whole shared memory thing.
front panel audio...
I like the Intell HD audio with the jack retasking... using that alongside my M audio Delta 101lt I have unlimited audio options
Overclocking is not a concern, but might be cool to have. I opt for stability.

Id like to hang on to the P4 3.2 with HT that i have but will want to upgrade when i can afford it. So the board must run P4's and support at least a Pentium D, but id like to jump to the core Duo eventually, when i can afford it.

I'm finding these options on some affordable boards like MSI and ASRock, but reading the reviews my head is starting to spin.
There's an intell board i found for dirt cheap, and accepts my P4 along with a pentium D, but its a BTX board.
Buy.com - Intel Desktop Motherboard - Intel 955X Chipset

sorry for the long post!

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