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Default Think I Shorted my Graphics Card - Again!

2.8 GHz P4
Windows 2000 pro with latest pack and updates
1.3 GB RAM
Canyon Graphics Card with GeForce FX 5200 Chip
19" BenQ T903 TFT Monitor - VGA connection

I have my graphics card for about 3 years. I booted up my computer today and went into the next room. I heard the windows start up music but when I returned to the room there was no signal to my monitor. I looked at the back and the cable had become unattached from the computer. So I plugged it in (without turning the computer off). Still no signal, so I rebooted the computer and I got a signal to the monitor but only up until the Windows 2000 "starting up" screen then when the welcome screen should appear the signal was lost and "No signal detected" was displayed on my monitor.

Again I could hear that the computer booted up properly with the windows start-up sound.

I think I blew something in the card by plugging the monitor into it when the computer was still on.

Everything else must be ok because I can hear it booting up no problem and my monitor shows the start up screen.

Next I tried to boot the computer in "Safe Mode" but then I encountered my next problem. I get into the Windows 2000 Advanced Option Menu when I press F8 but it hangs/freezes on the menu and I can't choose any of the options.

My next step will be to put a card in there that I know works. I have one from my old computer but it doesn't fit the AGP port of my current MB.

I'll have to borrow a card from a friend ´sometime in the next few days.

Has anyone had a problem with their card like this before? Does it usually mean that it is fried?
Should I just forget about it and buy a new one instead of wasting my time? or is there possibly a way to save it?

My second problem of the Safe Mode menu freezing is also annoying because I'm sure i will need to access the safe made again sometime in the future.
I've done lots of searches but only find articles suggesting to start your computer in safe mode if it hangs or crashes.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I'll let you know how it goes with the test with another card. Although I am 99% sure that it is the problem.


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Plugging the monitor in while the card is on doesn't hurt a thing, I do it all the time.

You said you get video up until the point where the OS loads, therefore indicating that the card still works. Seems to me you have a driver issue.

I've never used Windows 2000, so I won't be much help there, sorry.


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Thanks for your reply crazed. It gives me some hope that I don't have to fork out for a new graphics card. Now if I could only start it up in safe mode so that I could try reload the drivers :beard:

BTW I forgot to mention in the last post that I've tried removing the card from the AGP slot and reinserting it, but this didn't help. Obviously I get no bios error beeps because the system appears to boot up OK, except for the lack of signal from the card.

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before Windows loads, press F8, then go into safe mode.

right click "My Computer"
go to properties
click "hardware"
click "device manager"

once in the device manager, double click "Display adapters"
right click your video card, and uninstall it, then reboot.

Windows should just load generic drivers for it once you reboot. After that, download and install new Forceware drivers.
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Apokalipse - thanks for your help. The major problem was that I couldn't boot in Safe Mode because when the Windows Advanced Options menu appeared (after pressing F8) the system froze and I couldn't select the Safe Mode option.

I mangaed to fix that problem by booting the system with the Windows 2000 boot disks and going ito repare mode from the Windows 2000 CD. I didnt have an emergency repair disk so I just let the windows 2000 CD automatically repair any errors and it worked.

Then I could boot in Safe mode and I did exactly what you suggested. Except for I just reinstalled the old drivers instead of downloading the latest ones. I'll do that later today.


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