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Default Still troubleshooting

I have an ASUS P5LD2-VM motherboard. I purchased it inside a year ago. A few weeks ago it started to wig. I thought it was a virus but it appears to be more serious. Things were freezing up with no ryhme or reason. So I wiped the hard drive and started over. I noticed that both my removable storage (DVD and CD) drives were missing from the my computer drop down. I rebooted and they were back. About twenty minutes later I was sitting in the vicinity and I heard them click (as if they were shutting down). When I checked my computer again they were gone again. I thought it might be the power supply so I switched the leads to two other extra leads that weren't being used. I thought the problem had been solved, and then an extra floppy drive "B" appeared. I didn't even know you could have a "B". Anyway this seems pretty serious. I'm thinking its more of a hardware problem than a software. I'm hoping someone out there who has suffered a similar quandry or someone who just knows what is wrong can help get me back in the saddle. Thanks.

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Judging by the fact that multiple hardware bus communication and power distribution errors are being encountered, I'd guess this the problem is the motherboard. Rip it out and get a new one.


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Before you try that reset your bios with the jumper if you know where it is. If not just take out the battery for a Minute and put it back in and try that. Although it does sound like something hardware related but its worth trying the above mentioned at least.
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To be on the safe side, don't try to reset your BIOS yet. Just check the CD/DVD and floppy drive by removing them. Start your PC up and see if the problem occurs again. If not, than start adding one hardware back, than test for the problem again. You should also consider that the IDE cable for your CD/DVD and floppy might be bad.
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Your using EIDE? Dude go with SATA, its so much easier. Like Law said, start by unplugging all your optical drives and such (CD-ROM, floppy...etc.), while your at it check and make sure your jumper settings are correct. You'd be amazed at how much crazy **** happens if you have to slaves or two masters. If you unplug all your devices and it works properly, then you've narrowed it down to either your floppy, disc drive, or hard drive. Either your IDE cable is shot, or it could even be your motherboard. Good luck bro.
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^ not too many companies are making SATA optical drives. The ones that do are expensive....

I hope it will change.
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ya ide isnt that complicated anyways,, whats eide ??
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Short for Enhanced IDE, a newer version of the IDE mass storage device interface standard developed by Western Digital Corporation. It supports data rates of between 4 and 16.6 MBps, about three to four times faster than the old IDE standard. In addition, it can support mass storage devices of up to 8.4 gigabytes, whereas the old standard was limited to 528 MB. Because of its lower cost, enhanced EIDE has replaced SCSI in many areas.

EIDE is sometimes referred to as Fast ATA or Fast IDE, which is essentially the same standard, developed and promoted by Seagate Technologies. It is also sometimes called ATA-2.

There are four EIDE modes defined. The most common is Mode 4, which supports transfer rates of 16.6 MBps. There is also a new mode, called ATA-3 or Ultra ATA, that supports transfer rates of 33 MBps.

Google is my friend.

NOTE: Dont confuse EIDE with eSATA. eSata (or E-SATA im not sure which one) is external sata. So your external drive would have a sata interface instead of a USB/Fireware

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