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Default Still having stuttering problem even after trying new HDD, PSU, and motherboard.

I can't seem to get a real response from anyone about this.

I've been having a stuttering problem ever since I installed a new 250GB HDD. Since then, I've disconnected the hard drive, updated BIOS, replaced the motherboard, and replaced the PSU. It's not likely that it's the hard drive itself, as I have the same stuttering problem when booting off of the 250GB HDD.

The stuttering basically only occurs when I run anything that's semi CPU-intensive. Nothing too hard on it, but when I have Winamp playing a song while I load Firefox, the music will stutter during the loading. For things like torrents, as long as I'm uploading or downloading with a torrent, it will stutter about every 5-10 seconds. The mouse also gets choppy, and my CPU usage jumps to 75%-100% during the duration of the stuttering.

I've definitely run out of ideas. Aside from replacing my CPU, but I ran Knoppix off of my CD-ROM drive and didn't find a stuttering problem there. Although, I couldn't find anything to run that was very CPU-intensive in Knoppix, so maybe that's why? However, I think Knoppix proves that it isn't a RAM problem, considering that the entire OS runs off the RAM. I also ran tests on the RAM, and everything seemed normal.

I now have:

Antec SmartPower 2.0 400W PSU
PCChips M871G Motherboard
Athlon 64 3400+ CPU
1 Gig Ram
250GB HDD (not connected)

To make things worse, I just RMA'd my Radeon 9800 Pro, so now my computer is basically crap. I'm running off of onboard video, but if I can fix this stuttering problem, I'll install my old GeForce TI4200 just to get me by until I get my Radeon back. However, as of now it's not worth it because my computer stutters too much to attempt to run anything that would require a good video card.

I'm tired of spending money on things that aren't fixing the problem. I really don't want to buy a new CPU, as it would obviously cost even more than I've spent on a PSU and motherboard.

Please help?

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Well, I would go to a computer repair shop, and pay them for a diagnosis, it will run you about $15-30. It is hard to troubleshoot a problem like that on the internet without having the computer physically in front of me.

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If you ran linux and didn't get problems, then perhaps it's a software problem? Have you scanned for viruses, spyware, etc?
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but he could not find anything CPU intensive to run on linux, and his shuttering only happens when he has CPU intensive tasks running.
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