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Old 04-23-2006, 12:17 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default smell like burnt plastic!!!!!

couple min ago..... the smell of a plastic burnt coming from my Emachine....... is this mean sumthin burn inside my computer? video card? cpu? how can i tell? everything componet i look inside seems normal.... few min after i noticed the smell..... my computer shuts down itself! and this the first time it shut down itself!

i never turn off my computer.... i left it on over 5 months straight now.... no doubt that something burn inside my computer but what could it be......

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Probably your CPU overheating and its melting the plastic on the heatsink... Try touching it and see if its hot if you burn your finger then it means uh oh...

Anyways check your tempse using everest... Computer > sensor... And then try to clea the dust from your computer

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Emachines have overheating problems since they cheap stuff breaks so fast. When a fan breaks, the heat can melt it.
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Run it with the cover off and sniff around.
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omg!!! i cant power on now!!! this morning when it happend..... afte rit happend... after the smell of burnt plastic and it shutdown itself.... i open up the case and look around.... after that i went back to sleep.

woke up..... try turning on..... it wont power!!! ohh nooo!! can anyone help?? is there a way for me to fix it myself without goin to the repair shop?

i got this Emachine for 480 dollar comes with 15 inch lcd monitor. it is a used 2005 model. dammm i knoew Emachien was cheap in quality and also cheap in price..... i think i made a mistake!

the spec is

- AMD athlon64 3200+
- 160gig hdd
- 512mb ram
- ATI radeon x700pro
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I've known many people with an eMachines that have never had a problem. I had an eMachines before I built my new rig. I had it about 6 years, and although I lost sound and LAN on the motherboard, it ran and still does run fine.

My friend also had an eMachines, which he has dropped down the stairs, basically beat the **** out of it in every way possible, and it still works fine.

My uncle also has an eMachines, two more friends do, and a bunch of people I game with do aswell, all without any problems. From what I can tell, eMachines are not cheap in quality.

Now, do you have a green light on the motherboard when the PSU is on/plugged in? Can you test the PSU on a different computer to verify it still works? You may have toasted the powersupply..

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Old 04-23-2006, 11:08 PM   #7 (permalink)
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If you smelled something burning, it is mostly likely only the Powerslupply. Replacing the powersupply might get everything working fine again.

you live in a apartment? or a very old house? or something like that witch might have dirty power from your power outlets? that may have caused your Powersupply to fail... if your not using one already, just get a simple " powerstrip" with 'Surge Protection/Filtering'.
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Old 04-23-2006, 11:26 PM   #8 (permalink)
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.....yeah i think its the powersupply too! how much is it to buy a new one? can anyone estimate the price? and is it hard to install?
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It totally depends on what type of PSU you get. Tell us your computer's specs and we can recommend a good PSU for you. I estimate $50-80. It's highly doubtful that you'll need a $80+ PSU, since you have an eMachine I assume it's not a high-performance power hog.

It can range from being easy to a big hassle to install. You just unhook all wires, unscrew yours, and remove it from the case. Depending on the case's design and the size of the PSU, you may not be able to get it by the motherboard. If this is the case, you have to remove the motherboard, which will add a lot of time and hassle to the process. The same goes for if you can't get the new one in. Then just put the new one in (hopefully you won't have to remove the motherboard), screw it in, and connect all of the wires. Set the voltages correctly for your country, then power on.
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is this good enuff? it is 300 watts and is that a good deal?

cpu at ebay

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