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gaara 08-03-2006 04:11 PM

Scheduling CHKDSK at boot
Background: This morning I turned on my computer only to find that my F: drive was supposedly not formatted, with windows prompting me to format it (and yes it did have files saved on and was formatted with NTFS prior to this), so I tried restoring an C: disk image and that appeared to have solved the problem

Now, I need to force the system to run a CHKDSK on startup in order to try and clean the disk as it appears to be damaged. Every time I try and access anything from the F: drive the system either locks up or BSODs, yet refuses to schedule a CHKDSK on startup and fix the problem. I've tried both running a disk check through the windows disk properties, system locks up before it can finish. I've tried running a disk check through the cmd.exe dos command line and it locks up at 18%, and I've tried both methods via safe mode, and of course the system locks up.

So I need a method that will force a CHKDSK on startup so that I can hopefully try and temporarily repair the drive and get the files I want off of it before it dies completely, before I try more complicated restoral methods. The drive is not dead, I can still see all of the files on the drive, it just seems to be badly damaged

brady 08-03-2006 04:20 PM

Here are the commands for it... However, If diskeeper is not allowing you to run chkdsk, I'm not a %100 these will either.

You may have a bad drive gaara.

but here you go:

gaara 08-03-2006 05:55 PM

ok I figured out in order to schedule a boot check you have to being using a process from the drive while you enter the command in the cmd.exe console, then it asks you if you want to dismount the drive, and then it asks you whether you want a scheduled check

So basically I had to play an mp3 from the drive and pause it quickly before the system locked up again, and then I was able to run CHKDSK, however it unfortunetely likewise freezes/BSODs and won't fix itself

Now I have to go through the process of trying to recover about 350GB worth of files and burn them onto probably about 80 DVDs or so before the drive dies completely...this is totally unacceptable, I spend good money on drive, it dies, I RMA, and the same one seems to succomb to the same fate. No more business from Seagate and I certainly don't want another POS drive sent to me that is just going to die when I put huge amounts of data on it

Luckily at least with this one I can still boot and somewhat read the disk, the other one just fried instantly

Thank you for your help though

brady 08-03-2006 05:57 PM

Oh man... Sounds like a rough day at the office. Good Luck gaara

gaara 08-03-2006 06:10 PM

eh well this is a much better situation than the first time considering I can still SEE the files and they all still seem to be working (IE I can play avi files or mp3 files), and the fact that the system can operate while still connected to the dying drive is much more hopeful compared to the old drive that wouldn't boot when connected

Gonna shove this thing in the freezer tonight and see if that freezer trick is infact legit or not

I actually don't think there is anything wrong with the drive itself as I can't hear any clicking or scratching or anything to indicate wanted to format it for some reason which leads me to believe this is a windows issue especially considering I was able to revert back to the drive without formatting and losing the data, however that is why the BSODs started. Silly windows

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