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Default Problem with Mb or Video card?

Background: Bought a pc around christmas time. Got everything set up, my first time building a pc. First bootup is successful, but the motherboard screen is glitched out (as in it has weird colors on it not supposed to be there) and so is the windows boot up screen.

I figure its video drivers, but the video card wont even be detected on my system, let alone be installed (nvidia 7950 gt ko evga make btw).. So, I work on it for a week to no avail. I send the card back in to newegg, and because of a series of misunderstandings and messups on there part, it takes over a month to recieve my card, despite it being shipped priority.

Finally, I get the card, and everything boots up fine, the drivers and such install properly and all that-but I get a recurring problem. about 1 out of every 3 bootups i get that same glitchy screen even with the new card, but now instead of getting to the desktop, it just crashes from the BSOD, reboots, and fixes itself automatically. Sometimes it will chain crash until it boots up. Nothing on my computer installed would have done this, because it is a fresh xp install, and my BIOS are all default.

Ive been thinking and reading and to me, it sounds like my computer is being overclocked. My motherboard, the Gigabyte 965P-DS3 is an overclockable motherboard, and someone here correct me if im wrong, but I think it overclocks the pc out of the box. My video card, both times I recieve it, contains a sticker that says "superclocked" on it. Maybe my computer is pushing to much to the card for it on bootup?

I really am a computer novice so I have no idea. FYI, All of my drivers are up to date. I checked the card on the inside of the tower to make sure everything was plugged in correctly and snugly-and yes it is. But im also wondering-my video card fit perfectly into the pci express slot, but on the back of the tower it didnt, so i had to push down on the back of the tower case in order for it to reach the card. it was maybe a 1/4 inch difference. Could this be putting the stress causing my problems?

And to avoid confusion-If i get a normal splash and startup screen, which I get most of the time, all of my applications and DX9 games work perfectly.

EDIT: want to throw in that my cpu hasnt gone above 50 C, and my gpu not past 55 C.

I sent an email to both evga and gigabyte, but havent gotten any responses yet.

any replies will be appreciated-this really has been a prolonged, lengthy headache for me.

edit 2: searching around , i found that my problem with the startup screen is just like the topic two down that says "my pc does not boot correctly". However I just got a new video card, and reading the reviews of my MOBO on, a lot of people stated that their was a bad batch, and one guy even said that his pci slots were not detecting...

edit 3: Realized that im not helping much for you guys if i dont stress all that I know, So i went ahead an unscrewed my video card. Now it is just held in place strictly by the slot. Is this safe to do? It seems to have relieved a bit of stress on the card when it was unscrewed.

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Because you RMA'd the video card and are still having problems, I would RMA the mobo and see if that helps. I would say that is likely what it is
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