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AnLe 12-13-2005 07:16 PM

Problem installing SECOND memory module
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8NS.
I'm having problem installing my second memory module (512MB). Whenever I put it on the second slot, the computer doesn't boot, and no monitor signal. It just works with 1 memory module. Can anybody explain and help me please?

sPlAtOiD 12-14-2005 01:00 AM

I would think its bad ram..Have you just tryed the new stick alone take out the old one and try it.

darkcyde 12-14-2005 05:17 AM

to further exspand on what has been said. Is the memory the same speed and voltage? those are things to look at. and as already stated try that stick by itself also to see if it comes up on that one alone.

XFlamez 12-14-2005 11:38 AM

did you get the a compatiable ram for your mobo?

AnLe 12-14-2005 10:38 PM

Yes, the memory come from a same box, they are the original pair I bought first place. The one I'm using right now is the second pair, which is a new replacement from newegg. But the problem is still there; the computer just works with 1 stick memory. (2x512MB Rosewill).
How do I know if the memory is compatible with the motherboard?Can you show me where to get the information?
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8NS
Thank you

caveman4810 12-15-2005 11:19 PM

Memory Type
Memory Type: DDR400/ 333/ 266- 184pin, Max capacity: Up to 3GB by 3 DIMM slots.

AnLe 12-17-2005 12:28 AM

Yes, my Rosewill memory is DDR400. I have replaced both 2 memory sticks, but I still have the same problem.

sPlAtOiD 12-17-2005 01:37 AM

So it does work with either stick of ram.Is that what your saying?Just not two stick?

caveman4810 12-17-2005 08:27 AM

Rem Probs.
Check out this thread I found. Seems that board has problems with different kinds of ram

AnLe 12-17-2005 01:05 PM


Originally posted by sPlAtOiD
So it does work with either stick of ram.Is that what your saying?Just not two stick?

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