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Default Problem getting computer to turn on

A few years ago I reformatted a computer I was using but ended up getting a new one before installing the drivers so it was just stuck in the basement. My dad would like me to install the drivers as he would like to use it. It's an old Dell Dimension from about 7 years ago. I plugged up the keyboard and mouse, plugged the power cord into it and the wall, hooked the monitor up and it turns on, but it beeps three times and nothing comes up on the screen. The monitor button flashed like the computer is not on. The first beep is slightly long (about 2-3 seconds) and the other two are very quick. I must be missing something but I dont know what.

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Default Re: Problem getting computer to turn on

The beeps are a code that are telling you what is wrong. What the beep code signifies is determined by what bios you have on you computer, I believe. What is your motherboard, or bios?

Also is your video card completely hooked up if there is one?

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Default Re: Problem getting computer to turn on

I looked through some books and papers and I can't seem to find the motherboard. I haven't taken it out of the case because I dont want to have to deal with that if I don't have to. I think it's Foxconn. I know, that's not much help but I don't think it matters anyway. I think the computer might have crashed. I looked through the book included with it to see what the light codes on the back meant and there were several such as not reading RAM (RAM's fine, nothing broken or bent, and it's in), CPU failing BIOS test, IDE cable not responding or something, and I think a few others. Not sure why it would have crashed but oh well. It's not that important. My dad just wanted to use it for his fantasy football stuff. I told him to build a cheap computer if we can't get this one to work. He won't know the first thing to look for in building a computer and I'm not used to looking for low end computer parts. So any suggestions would be great. He'll only use it for messing around online and email most likely. Not much else.
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Default Re: Problem getting computer to turn on

Just because the RAM is not broken or bent doesn't mean it's fine. RAM can go bad. Seven years is a long time for a computer to sit, however if it wasn't being used I don't see why it won't work...
I don't know if this will help or not, but here's a suggestion I would try if I were in your socks. Look at the manual, and try to find the page about resetting CMOS data, or RTC data, or something similar. It's a jumper on your motherboard. Maybe if you reset that, it will work. Who knows, after seven years the CMOS might tend to get borked.

edit: also, if just being used for fantasy football, go grab the cheapest desktop off the shelf at Fry's or Best Buy. When buying low end computers, it's almost always cheaper to get a Dell than to build.
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