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Default Possible HDD defect? Or is it RAM? Or at this point I have no idea?

Attempting to get more opinions on an issue I've been having with my new build computer. My build:

Newegg.com - Once You Know, You Newegg

All parts are brand new. Here's a brief story of what I've gone through so far: I installed Windows 7 last night, installed the necessary updates, MoBo drivers, video card drivers, etc. After that I begun the usual process of getting basic applications downloaded, as well as transferring over multimedia from my old HDD. Everything was going good until...

The first thing that happened was while deleting 4 gigs of music off my usb flash drive, Windows Explorer crashed and had to restart. I continued deleting it, and it crashed again. A couple crash and restarts later and all the files were successfully deleted. After this a couple programs on my computer started to hang and crash. No program really in particular, but it was usually one I would be using at the time. It would crash, restart without issue, and I could continue on my way. Most notable with this was downloading one of my games over Steam. Steam crashed multiple times in the process, but eventually finished.

The most notable thing though was at one point while my system was idle and I was talking to my dad, some critical error popped up explaining that there was something wrong with my brand new HDD and that I should immediately back up my files or risk losing them. It had instructions on how to do that. For the time being I skipped it. Only other thing that happened was after coming back from hibernation one time the whole system locked up and needed to be restarted (and went through a chkdsk during the reboot).

So, I decided to just reformat and try again. Windows 7 installed fine again, and the updates did, too. I installed the MoBo drivers after that. Everything was fine. Then I installed my anti-virus and video card drivers. A reboot was needed, so I restarted. After this I couldn't even get past the POST screen, and was unable to even access the BIOS. After removing the jump drive I had plugged into a USB 3.0 slot, I could once again boot up normally.

With a fresh install of Windows 7, I have already started getting errors again. The first error was Windows Explorer crashing and restarting. At this point the only things on my system were Anti-virus (Avast), Google Chrome, MoBo drivers, Video Card drivers, Windows 7 updates, and a variety of install programs I had seconds early finished transferring off my jump drive into a folder. It gave me the following files to look at for info, but I could not actually find them on my system oddly enough:

Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Loca\Tem\WER2CE9.tmp.WERIn ternalMetadata.xml
C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Local\Temp\WER4135.tmp.app compat.txt
C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Local\Temp\WER4155.tmp.mdm p

Soon after, while the system was sitting idle, Peer Networking Identity Manager crashed and had to be restarted. Again, the files it told me to look at were non-existent:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\A ppCrash_svchost.exe_p2pi_e0ebdb47794af6e4b85f91248 2bc82de72de638_cab_0dbfb192\WERAFFD.tmp.appcompat. txt
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\A ppCrash_svchost.exe_p2pi_e0ebdb47794af6e4b85f91248 2bc82de72de638_cab_0dbfb192\WERB00D.tmp.WERInterna lMetadata.xml
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\A ppCrash_svchost.exe_p2pi_e0ebdb47794af6e4b85f91248 2bc82de72de638_cab_0dbfb192\WERB157.tmp.mdmp

Best I could find was that inside ReportQueue was a bunch of folders called NonCritical_x64 with a bunch of random letters after that. Most just a a report.wer file in them, but one had another file: DMIEDE.tmp.log and DMI7ACA.tmp.log. I can post their logs if people think they are relevant, it's mostly just a bunch of "property guid" tags that I can't make heads or tails of. The jump drive was still in when this crash occurred.

Later, while idle and on my old computer, the new computer crashed and had to be force rebooted. No errors, just locked up. I noticed that my monitor was black as if it had tried to hibernate, but couldn't fully come out of it when I hit the button. Best it would do was show my desktop but I couldn't move the mouse or anything. Got the standard "windows did not shut down properly" message upon booting. No USB this time.

So I went to Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp. and downloaded the HDD diagnostic utilities. Burned the first one to a CD-ROM and hoped for answers. No dice. As soon as the disk tray closed it instantly had a BSOD but turned itself off before I could read it. It booted up normally though and I selected to boot from CD-ROM and this is the information that came up. I took a picture of it so I wouldn't have to type it all.

Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/1rimg00236hj

The other utility gave the exact same screen. I attempted to swap RAM around to see if that helps. I swapped the two spots and still couldn't run the diagnostics. I took out the 2nd one and still couldn't run it. I'll try running the 2nd stick alone, but I have a feeling that won't help.

Sorry for the long thread, but I think the information I am giving is all relevant to help narrowing down the problem. If anybody has ANY suggestions or ideas, please share! This is my first computer build and it is quickly becoming a nightmare.

Update: Ran memtest86+ for an hour and a half or so. After 3 complete passes with both sticks of ram in there were 0 errors. I tried to run hddscan from hddscan.com, also. It worked fine on my old rig but when I put it on my new system it couldn't detect the hard drive. All it said was "Unknown disc".

Update2: Ran MHDD, another diagnostic tool. Was able to do a SMART scan through it. Here is what it told me:

Name | Val | Worst | Raw
Read error rate | 100 | 100 | 0
Throughput performance | 252 | 252 | 0
Spin up time | 20 | 20 | 9176
Number of spin-up times | 100 | 100 | 24
Reallocated sectors count | 252 | 252 | 0
Seek error rate | 252 | 252 | 0
Seek time performance | 252 | 252 | 0
Power-on time | 100 | 100 | 32
Spin-up retries | 252 | 252 | 0
Calibration retries | 252 | 252 | 0
Start/stop count | 100 | 100 | 25
Unknown | 252 | 252 0
Power-off retract count | 252 | 252 0
HDA Temperature | 64 | 64 | 27
Hardware ECC recovered | 100 100 | | 0
Reallocate event count | 252 | 252 | 0
Current pending sectors | 252 | 252 | 0
Offline scan UNC sectors | 252 | 252 | 0
Ultra ATA CRC Error Rate | 252 | 252 | 0

I have no idea how to interpret any of that.

I also did an extensive scan of the entire hard disk. Took over 2 hours to do it. Nothing came back over 50ms, and only like a hundred.. pings? I don't even know what it was scanning. But it only came up with like a hundred units between 10ms and 50ms, and a couples thousand between 3ms and 10ms, and the other million was all under 3ms.
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