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Question Please Help: Truly Puzzling and Persistent Mouse (?) Problem

The Basic Issue: The mouse occasionally (and, as far as I can tell, at random times) jumps / sticks.

Longer Description: The mouse jump location is not random: when the jump occurs, it looks like the monitor simply isn't updating the location of the mouse for approximately 1 to 2 seconds; however, once the location is updated, the update seems to accurately reflect the movement of the mouse during that 1 to 2 seconds. It also appears that clicks and wheel inputs are never registered during this time. I cannot reliably reproduce the event - it just seems to happen whenever it feels like it. It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm playing a game, browsing the web, or moving my mouse across the desktop after a fresh restart - the problem can occur at any time, while I'm doing anything.

Troubleshooting I've Tried:
-I've done the standard checks: everything is plugged in correctly, switched on, etc.
-I've switched to another computer tower (different models of RAM, motherboard, HDD, everything).
-I've changed mice (from PS/2 to USB, even; both optical).
-I've changed monitors.
-I've unplugged my keyboard and speakers and tested it again.
-I'm using a different operating system.
-I even moved to another state (incidentally NOT related to the problem...).
-I've checked for drivers (graphics card, mouse, USB, Human Interface, etc.).
-I've, of course, Googled to no avail. Most issues I came across seemed to arise from specific mouse models or similar causes.

Why I'm Confused:
-On the one hand, it seems like the mouse is outputting just fine, as after the 1 to 2 seconds of unresponsiveness, the picture updates accurately based on its movements (though clicks and wheel inputs during the unresponsiveness do NOT seem to register at all). Thus it seems like the mouse is not the issue.
-The first monitor I used was working fine for probably 10+ years (and still is, other than this possible issue); the second monitor I'm currently using is brand new (different brand, resolution, size, etc.). Hence it doesn't seem to be a monitor issue.
-The computer tower - exactly as-is, except for a different HDD and PSU - was used by a friend of mine for about six months with no issues. Hence it doesn't seem to be an issue with the tower (in particular, it doesn't seem to be a graphics card problem).
-Since it's a different OS (first XP SP3, now Windows 7), I'm not expecting it to be some freakish compatibility issue with some application I've installed on both computers. I also did a reformat for the old computer with XP SP3, which didn't help the problem, further ruling out an application issue (it occurred even during the XP setup process of changing time zones, etc., before anything was installed).
-I'm thinking it's not an environmental issue, since I'm literally in another state than when the problem started with the first computer, hundreds of miles away.
-In short, literally EVERY piece of hardware from these systems is different (except for the keyboard and speakers - which I've unplugged without getting rid of the issue), and the OS is different as well. I've never heard of such a persistent problem, and I'm at a COMPLETE loss.

Desperate List of Unlikely Possibilities:
-My first mouse developed this problem after years of perfect use AND my brand new mouse had this problem right out of the box.
-Same as above, with respect to my old and new monitors.
-Same as above, with respect to my old and new PSUs.
-Same as above, with respect to my old and new HDDs.
-Some kind of strange device interference that I've never heard of.
-Some unlucky combinations of hardware, occurring with all combinations of hardware I've used that have produced this problem.
-Some unlucky combinations of software, occurring with all combinations of software I've used that have produced this problem.

Please help! I've had this issue now for roughly a year, and I've no idea what might be the cause. It's driving me crazy, largely because it tends to make gaming far less fun when I can't rely on my mouse movement, and also because I've never heard of a problem so difficult to troubleshoot. It has literally followed me from one computer to the next; I was even convinced it was the monitor, as it was the only common hardware to both systems until I got my new one a few days ago. I'm desperate, and will greatly appreciate any ideas as to how I might troubleshoot or eliminate this problem. Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Please Help: Truly Puzzling and Persistent Mouse (?) Problem

Are the computers completely different? Any similarities at all? Have you updated the drivers and everything?
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