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Old 08-08-2006, 10:39 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Angry Pc Cpu Dead????

My Computer took a dump the other day. I was playing a game and then the screen went black. The computer was still on but nothing was happening. The motherboard had power, the power supply had the fan going.

Something went dead?

Can anyone tell what the heck happended? What could burn.:bald:

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Check the vga cable. Probably just loose or something.

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Old 08-08-2006, 11:57 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Checked that. Nothing wrong there. I also noticed after the whole thing went black i put my hand at the back of the PSU and it was blowing hot air.

I also replaced my nvidia 6200 with my old 3dfx 16mb card and still nothing.

Pulled out all the ram and waited for the beeps and nothing.

Put in a startup disk and nothing.

I was also reading that the PSU could be at fault and it could be burned. But how can that be if the motherboard and the HDD still has power?

By the by i have a MSI K7T Pro with a Duron 700, N6200videocard and Pc133 ram..

any help would be great.

EDIT : I also pluged in a 2nd fan to see if the motherboard has power all over and it worked fine. Also the CPU FAN is also going.
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what happend when you rebooted ? that black screen also happens when playin games and you intel chip over heats to an unsafe level it shuts off, had that happen a few times lol.
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Old 08-08-2006, 12:01 PM   #5 (permalink)
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It would not Start back up. The hard drive is accessed but will not boot. It wont even boot from a startup disk. Black screen.
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uh, not necessecairly...i had teh same prob, before a fan broke and a wire hit my vid card...well sounds like ur ps is dying/dead, and its not sending out the right voltages....and hey welcome to the club, i got the same vid card u do, 3dfx voodoo3 16mb...k now about the voltages. a computer is a very precize peice of electonices and needs exact voltages inorder to function correctly. your harddrives and fans will spin when given power, but the motherboard needs the correct power in order to function correctly. to me it sounds like your 5v rail is fried...get a multimeter and check the 12v(red/black next to it) and the 5v(yellow and black next to it) and they should be exactly 12v or 5v give or take about .2 volts, if there is anymore fluctuation of either the 12v or 5v rails more than .4 volts, then the ps is shot. also the ps could be underpowered, as in there are too many devices in the system, the cd, hd, and floppy drives all draw power. try dissconnecting the hdd, cd, and floppy drives from the power supply and see if it will turn on, with the 12v atx connector connected on the motherboard. if still nothing, see if it is still under warranty and rma it, and get a new one, but if not, upgrade the ps, mobo, and cpu...
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Oh Ya loved that Card. One of the best 3dfx voodoos ever. I over clocked mine like crazy and it still did not burn. But I had to upgrade for videogame creation reasons. The engine I was running required more video ram and a robust GPU.

So anyway. Yes i did all that. The only thing that was plugged was the HDD. The dvd, CD, floppy and both fans were off and still nothing.

Could it be that my CPU is dead?

How can I tell if my motherboard or CPU is dead based on the info given.

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