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JeffWilkie90 01-27-2012 12:55 AM

PC audio to Home Theater Amp BUZZ *plz read*
Hi everyone thanks for taking a few minutes to read about my ongoing issue.

I am NOT a newbie to Audio and how to troubleshoot problems, just to get that out of the way early :) That explains why I am asking for help, because I am stumped.

I am simply trying to play my Computer audio through the Home stereo amp.

( PC Gateway GX7018E computer running XP to my Denon Amp, Klipsch speakers)

I am getting a buzz through my speakers the very second I attach the 1/8 stereo cable to my computer. Its much like when you slightly pull out a guitar cable out of the guitar while the amp is still on, or when you slightly pull out any live cable for that matter out of an Audio System.

I have tried 4-5 different ways to eliminate this Buzzing sound.

First I plugged into multiple outputs 1/8th stereo of my intergrated sound card going into the amp and it buzzed the same.

Today I bought a new PCI soundcard to get away from possibly having noisy onboard audio. There was no change.

I thought ok, maybe the soundcard? So I bipassed it by installing my USB Audio Interface AND it has a Ground lift knowing the 60 cycle hum has to do with Ground issues or a ground loop. So USB into the interface then out of it into the amp using seperate RCA's, I tried 2 different inputs of the amp..Still buzzed even with the ground lifted on the Interface.

I took my GF's laptop on battery power and plugged the 1/8 stereo into it and into the amp...Silent! I thought hmm, maybe its the outlet? So I plugged her laptop into where I plug my PC into and it was still buzzing at all.

I even bought an Outlet tester to make sure its wired properly ( no grounding issues)..and it is wired correctly.

I thought maybe it could be my Amp for some reason, so I tested the computer, with the 1/8th stereo cable on an upstairs separate Amp and there was no change. Still a large buzz.

The oddest thing, I know when you hold the end of a live cable in your hand it can buzz a little but then I rested my hand onto my computer ( with its side off it)..onto the metal chassis, it was plugged in but NOT turned on and while holding the live cable it buzzed..take my hand off, it stops, put my hand back buzzes. I plug the cable into my new soundcard and it buzzes even though the CPU isnt even on, its just plugged in. This BUZZ is the exact same through both amps.

I plugged my computer into the same outlet as my Audio equipment to avoid ground loop issues and it still buzzed.

I bought a new Power Supply..thinking maybe it was on its way out and wasnt grounding properly or something, but it still buzzed like crazy. I can't even listen to my music from my computer, its that loud.

Thanks again for taking a look at this post. This has me stumped. Ive worked as an Audio guy for an A/V company for 5 years so I do know Audio issues. I am less of a Computer guy though, so any thoughts would be great.


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