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DANYZ 11-19-2006 04:31 PM

Pavillion DV8219 Sound Card and Modem Problem ???
Hi ,

I have HP Paviliion DV8219EA notebook and I am usiang WIN XP SP2 (with all latest updates) , and I am using PC CILLILN Internet security 2007.
My sound card is Conexant High definition audio
My modem is HDAUDIO soft datafax modem with smartCP on COM4

I use dialup connection for Internet , My problem is that it has happend 3,4 times with me that during browsing suddenly my system jams/halt and I have to force reboot it , and after rebooting my sound card and modem disappaers .:(

(let me tell u one thing here , during windows installation i always have to first install sound crad driver den it detetcs my modem and do driver installation) .

when first time it happend I had no idea what was the problem I thought it some kinda weird virus , and I restore my C drive from the already created Image , but when i loded the image even in that it was 't showing my sound crad and modem , I tried everything , installing drives again , detecting hardware , doing restarts etc , but no use . So I shut it down and next day when I restrated my system it showed me dat it has found sound card and modem and asked me for the drives and i did , and bingo my sound card and modem was back !!!

but same problem happend again , but this time I jst un install the drivers (sound and modem) shut down my system , and start again after an hour and did the installation again of drives and my sound card and modem iz bak !!!

But i can't understand the problem here , that what is causing it ??? my PC Cillin is updated , windows is updated , I have downloded new drivers from HP , bt still , it happend 2 hours ago today with me and i had to repeat the procedure , it always happenz during browsing/downloading , my systems jams , I force it do restart again by pusing the power button for 4,5 sec and wen it comes bak my sound and modem disappears ...:confused:

so is it some kinda virus or something else ???
plz help me out here , i wld really appreciate it ,


SYL\X/3K 11-19-2006 06:24 PM

try updating the chipset drivers

DANYZ 11-21-2006 07:05 PM

Well man thx for replying ,

but I already hav tried this thing , I am using update version of IHC7 , releaseed by HP for my notebook , bt still no use...

I guess nobody here knows the solution abt my problem :(

SYL\X/3K 11-21-2006 08:27 PM

try this ;

go to Display properties>Setting>advanced>click on troubleshoot>and try decreasing the hardware acceleration till the issue stops

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