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Default Overheating issues maybe?

System Specs:

Intel Desktop Board D945PSN
Intel Pentium D 820 (2.8 GHZ)
480w PSU
Hitatchi 160GB SATA HDD
EVGA 7800gt PCI-E
Samsung DVD-rom
Samsung Dual layer burner
Samsung Floppy
120mm Fan on the back of case
Exhaust fan in bottom PCI slot
CPU port on side of case
HDD fans

TEMP zones:
CPU - 60 C (with games jumps up to 68-70 C)
ZONE 1 & 2 - 50ish

Voltage for 12v is roghly 11.90

And heres the problem. Installed everything the other night. Everything installed great. I have the latest updates and drivers for everything from the BIOS to the nVidia Driver. When I first booted up Call of Duty 2 everything was set relatively high: anti-aliasing 4x; res. 1280x1024...

Well after playing for like a minute my computer just rebooted. I check the ground, and screws for teh mobo are fine. I checked the cpu heatsink, thats on flushly and tightly. I checked all the power connections everything. No matter what I do it still restarts after I play CoD2 for a little while. I'm stumped. I have no idea what is going on. My CPU alert for the temp. goes crazy too. I tried taking the case off and playing like that but still doesn't make a difference. I am in teh basement so it's relatively cold to begin with.

Any help or tips to solve this problem would be great. Tia

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it may actually be overheating 70C is pretty dang high...

Get a good thermaltake HSF and use AS5 between the sink and the chip..

also do you have good airflow in your case, I don't see intake listed.

also the ideal setup is, Airflow in front of PC, Side vent blowing directly on processor, and that 12cm fan exhaust.

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my guess like kiyotaka, is that its the HSF and thermal compound.
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The case I have doesn't have any place for intake in the front... or atleast i dont think so. There are no holes in the front so i didnt think of putting one there.

The side has a port for the processor, those cup-like things. I dont know the correct term for them.

I'm deffinetly going to pick up a new heat sink and fan and thermal gel. I figure i'll start checking things off my list. I've been asking around at work (circuit city) and they all seem to think it's over heating also. I was surprised by the 60 C at first, just by running windows, and even more surprised when it jumped to 68 C when running call of duty 2. I thought maybe because of the dual-core cpu they just ran hotter. I'll check it out though. I may have to go to best buy or comp usa to pick up a heatsink and fan because I am too **** impatient.

Thanks for you input guys... I'll give it a shot and let ya know how it turns out.
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You should be using the side port thingy (Intel Thermally Advantaged Chasis) as your CPU requires alot of cooling.
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Well I went to the local Comp USA (rip-off + zero customer service) since I didn't feel like waiting to enjoy my computer for new egg to ship a heat sink. So i picked out the Cooler Master KHC-L91 and let me tell you guys, install was a breeze, and the thing is huge.

Most importantly, my whole computer is running cooler. Zone 1 and 2 running around 30 C and my friggon CPU is running at 42-45 C which is 15-20 C lower than what it was with that jack-off intel heat sink. I have only had AMD and never had this problem so it was a little knew to me, but you guys were correct, and the new heat sink is the solution to my problems.

Although I had to take my mobo off to install it, this heat sink is highly, highly reccommended... Thanks forum!

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