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Default OCing E6400 Nightmare! Need advice, please!

Okay, I could really use some advice here. I just built a new rig using the Conroe processor on an ASUS mobo. I'm running into ridiculous problems with making even minor OCing adjustments.

I loaded up fine originally. CPU Temp was 26, Mobo 24.
I adjusted the FSB from 280 to 285 (it was stock at 280) - FINE
I adjusted the FSB from 285 to 290 - Frozen Screen
Computer wouldn't boot.

So, because I'm fairly new to OCing, I didn't realize I needed to simply reset the CPU via CMOS. Instead, I was afraid I might have damaged the CPU so I took out the heatsink (which is a ***** to put in to begin with), took out the CPU, wiped off the thermal paste, and reapplied. I put it back together, computer booted up fine, and then I realized I could just use the CMOS in the future.

I load up. The temp is now around 32, although nothing has changed except I had to use a different thermal paste (some graphite silver **** as opposed to the white paste)* I decided to try a different method and I used the ASUS OCing utility to raise my CPU from 105% (what it was at) to 110%. - FROZE

Again, wouldn't boot. I had to reset via CMOS and start over. When I got into the OCing utility I saw that the FSB was not stock at 260! It was 280 before. I was really confused. I assumed since it was originally at 280 and ran without problems that I could at least raise it close to that. I raised it to 270. Instant freeze.

Except this time it booted fine. And it was running at 270 fine when I got back in. Adjusted to 280. FROZE. Rebooted fine, now running at 280, except now the temps were nearly 40 degrees. FOURTY? This heatsink was supposed to help temps, and I'd heard this processor ran fairly cool, but 40 degrees for doing nothing at this point was ridiculous. This mobo is the "fanless" type and when I touched the rails and heatsinks that are on the mobo they burned my hand - VERY HOT - is this normal? Utilities still showed the mobo only at 30C.

I updated the Bios to the newest version on the website, although I've heard there is a newer beta version that fixes some issues (dont know if they're related). Still the same problems.

-why is my CPU running so hot at stock settings even with the nice heatsink?

-why does it instantly crash/freeze/wont boot when I adjust it by FIVE. I know this thing is an OCing beast. What should I look for?

-Is this a hardware issue? If so, what would be the likely culprit? I'm in a pickle, because I don't have any pieces I can swap out and try, so i'm guessing it could either be the memory, motherboard (likely?) or CPU.

Any advice would be so appreciated. The only thing I've heard is that sometimes it's best to let the CPU run stock for a few days before trying to OC. But that still doesnt explain the temps.


P5N32-SLI SE DELUXE Motherboard

Intel Core DUO E6400 Conroe Processor

(2 x 1GB) GSKill DDR2800

OCZ GameStream 700w PSU

Zalman CNPS9500 Heatsink w/ Fan

Radeon x800XL Video Card

Thermaltake Tsunami Case

76G WD Raptor HD
250G Seagate HD
150G Seagate HD
Lite-ON DVD Drive
Lite-ON DVD/CD RW Drive

Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS Sound Card

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Here's a screencap of CPU-Z

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BTW, I realized my memory was too low and ramped it up to 2V. Still crash when I try to raise FSB, though. Based on what you can see in the screenshot, how would you go about OCing from here? I know this thing is not NEARLY close to being fully OCed, especially with a nice aftermarket heatsink.
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