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bukowski01 10-21-2007 03:25 AM

Not sure with this one...
Hello Tech-Forums,

I have a 8 month old home built computer. Everything was working fine up until the last few days.

Upon start up, all of my fans, DVD, video card start up. The only thing that will not fire up is the HD. What's even more interesting is that it seems to happen randomly. Tonight was the worst, it took 5 restarts to get the HD to kick on.

Here are the things that I have done so far
-unplugged each other hardware component to try and isolate a bad component. At one point I thought I had found a bad RAM stick -but in the end it continued to show the same random issue.
- made sure HD has a devoted power line to PS (HD is SATA)
- kicking my computer across the living room. Sadly, this did nothing (except bring me great satisfaction)

So, anyone have any hints/tips on where I start?

As a side note - the only thing that I have changed in the last few weeks was I began to run my computer with the side panel off due to heat issues that I can't seem to fix. Although, I can't see how could be causing any issue.

sPlAtOiD 10-21-2007 09:52 PM

Re: Not sure with this one...
I would suspect the power supply. See if you can get it checked out. If you alredy checked this out try to enable smart drive and let it see if it finds any problems.

eyeCpc 10-21-2007 09:57 PM

Re: Not sure with this one...
Bad data cable or bad drive would be one thing to look at. Now that you kicked the case across the room from your description there the impact on the floor certainly didn't help the drive any as well as anything else.

Besides the hard drive you might have been seeing a bios or board problem in general. High temps are seen only after the system is up and running not when first starting it up. On an older build here everything was moved into a brand new case when upgrading an old Socket build.

The board temps were higher then the cpu's at the time seeing 46-48C for an idle temp while the cpu was seeing 44-46C until the new case came along replacing two 80mm case fans(1 top 1 rear) with two 120s(front and rear) along with two additional on the side cover. The board then saw 31C!

bukowski01 10-22-2007 02:47 AM

Re: Not sure with this one...
Thanks guys/gals.

I'll talk a closer look at the mobo, ps, and bios.

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