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Default Not booting..Possible reasons

Okay i have a DFI 875P "Lan Party Pro". I was instaling a dvd burner and my firends computer was having problems so i took my power supply out and used it out on her system(didnt work) so i put it back in my rig and hooked everything. I clicked it on and i got 5 beeps and a shut down. I looked what the 5 beeps meant on the DFI web site (see below). I havent tried a new fan but i dont think that is what it is 1. the fan starts as soon as power comes on 2. it worked just fine about 10min before 3. I dissconnected everything from the MB and just had the power connected(still beeped), so i tried it with out the 4 pin 12v molex connector and it stayed on(cpu fan worked ).

So what could it be?
Thank you for any help you all could provide.

DFI Web site trouble shoot guide

Once it has detected that the CPU fan did not rotate, 5 warning beeps will sound then the system will automatically power-off.

Three circumstances may occur causing the system to detect CPU
fan failure.
1. The CPU fan is not connected to the CPU fan connector on the
system board.
2. The CPU fan may be damaged. Replace it with a new fan.
3. The CPU fan did not rotate immediately upon system boot-up or
it took some time before the CPU fan rotated. Check whether the
heat sink and fan are mounted properly onto the CPU then restart
the system. If the same problem occurs, you must replace it with
a good quality fan - one that will rotate immediately once power
comes in and also one that will dissipate heat more efficiently,
otherwise, you have to disable this function in the BIOS.

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i'm afraid, that your cpu might be ****ed.
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Originally posted by nuke
i'm afraid, that your cpu might be ****ed.
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Okay took to a computer store and we tried a diffrent power supply and we tride a diffrent cpu fan and nothing. The guy said he may think its the board and im starting to agree with him.Sigh thats $165USD gone. Is there a way to test the chip w/o putting in another machine?

Thanks for the help,
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Look I would recommend using a fan that connects directly to the MB because in this way it can monitor the Temperature and keep the system from powering down when CPU fan fails or is not detected, which usually can be disabled through the BIOS. Also I am thinking wether or not during the installation of the new fans if you somehow you removed the heatsink as well, which most fans come with a heatsink and if so the "Thermal Conductive Paste" might need to be replaced with a new tube of "Goop"!
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i would reset your bios make sure the power to motherboard is connected securely and if you can get into bios monitor the temp of your cpu and see if it is over heating

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