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Default NNNNNNN noise, Not sure from where

I recently replaced my 80G primary IDE hard disk (unit failed) with a 320G hard disk. There is also an installed secondary hard disk.

Immediately after the new HD was installed I noticed a sort of intermittent humming noise (really more of a NNNNNN NNNNNN tone which may or may not increase/decrease in pitch). The noise can start when the computer stats up, or after some period of operation. The noise can continue, or stop after some period of time, then spontaneously restart.

I have ruled out the hard disks, the CD/DVD writers by unplugging them and powering up (I can still hear the noise). I am not sure if the sound It is coming from the power supply or not, though there is no change to the pitch when I touch the power supply casing.

Is it possible that the new hard disk pulls more power than the old and the noise is from the PS?

Any other thoughts?

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the "NNNNNN NNNNNN" sound as you call it could be a couple of different things, i doubt it would be the PS, it maybe the hard drive becuase of the larger size the R/W head maybe moving around more.

maybe even something is rattling the case.

i would start pulling non-essential componets first such as a second stick of memory or sound card or modem and go from there

if it continues unplug ur secondary hard drive

if it still continues just start pulling plugs (while turned off, you wouldnt belive how many people i tell that to and they do it while its on, so just a precaution) on cd roms - if you get to just a hard drive and mobo and processor and its still doing it, i would have to say that it maybe the PS

How big is ur PS anyways and what are your system specs, maybe you dont have enough power

another reason maybe that your fans are going bad in your PS, take a gander at that to.

a good way to check and see if something is frying or is fried, smell the inside of the case if it smells like a high piercing electronic smell (like burned plastic) then something might be going or already gone.

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if you got the heart to, you can use something plastic like a pen, or a qtip, and manually stop each fan for a second or to, and find out which one is making the sound. before that tho, listen to ur case, and get a better idea where the sound is coming from, like is it near the cpu, listen to every fan, and finally, listen to ur ps(put ur ear near the outside fan vent)
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Default Found It

The problem is the fan on the ATI Radeon 7500 Video Card (didn't see it as it is mounted on the underside of the card.

The problem is either a bad sensor (causing the fan speed to cycle up and down, causing the variable pitch), a bad video driver (though I do have the newest driver installed), or the Video Card really does have a problem which is causing the fan to run hot, cooler, and hot again.

Any thoughts.

Thanks again

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