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Default Re: New system machine_check_exception


There is a problem with your hardware configuration. It could be something like the wrong timings for your RAM or your FSB could be wrong.

This behavior occurs because your computer processor detected and reported an unrecoverable hardware error to Windows XP. To do this, the processor used the Machine Check Exception (MCE) feature of Pentium processors or the Machine Check Architecture (MCA) feature of some Pentium Pro processors. The following factors may cause this error message: • System bus errors
• Memory errors that may include parity or Error Correction Code (ECC) problems
• Cache errors in the processor or hardware
• Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLB) errors in the processor
• Other CPU-vendor specific detected hardware problems
• Vendor-specific detected hardware problems
Stop error message in Windows XP that you may receive: "0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)"

That is the only information i could find on this error.


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Default Re: New system machine_check_exception

My guess the motherboard does not like the brand memory you selected.

In the bios verify that the memory voltage is set to 2.1v for the Supertalent memory you have.

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Default Re: New system machine_check_exception

ok.. some strange news...
i put different drive... failed same problem
i put in diff graphics card.. same
i put in diff ram lower voltage 512mb... same
i put in Xp 64 bit installer... same problem bsod.. but different msg... this time it says

stop 0x0000009c (0x0000000000000003 , 0xfffffadf909e1240 , 0x00000000b4000000 , 0x00000000000000083b)

wtf huh?... and the weirdest thing ever...i picked up an ubuntu cd and just tried it for the heck of it..

and it WORKS!!... ubuntu's loaded at 1280x1024 resolution and no hardware faults or anything, all is fine.. i've Never seen this before... How come Ubuntu linux works perfectly?

but i need windows.. wat to do seems like hardware is ok.. right?
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Default Re: New system machine_check_exception

It looks the Windows installer locks up at the point when Windows switches to protected mode. You might try Vista SP1. It wouldn't hurt to have the latest bios.
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i've tried vista sp1 though.. tried pretty much all windows..

only ubuntu works..
u got me with ur last line though, i was about to do the same thing.. motherboard website shows Bios update june 2008 description: support for amd phenom cpu
aha.. maybe thats what i need..
still weird how ubuntu works though right.. i'll try the bios update after work today.. not sure how i'm going to do it i hope usb pen drive works

this may be the answer...

Biostar FAQ

Will my motherboard support AMD Phenom AM2+ CPU?
There are four Biostar motherboard models will be able to support AMD Phenom AM2+ CPU.

TF570SLI A2+, TF560 A2+, TF520 A2+, TA770 A2+

1. Please update MB BIOS to the latest version while using AMD AM2+ CPUs.
2. Due to the latest AMD CPU transition, you may encounter the situation that the new system failed to boot while using new AMD AM2+ CPUs.In this case, please install one standard AM2 CPU to boot your system, and update the latest BIOS from our website for AMD AM2+ CPUs complete support.


I hope this is the answer I mean its irritating cuz I don't HAVE ANY OTHER AMD CPU to work with... but at least it is an answer saves me from trying a million things.. now if someone could just help me flash the bios without even an operating system.. i have the new bios data file... but i dont have a floppy drive.. only usb.. and i donno how to lauch the update from usb...
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Default Re: New system machine_check_exception

You're not have problems booting from a DVD. So swapping CPUs isn't necessary.

Copy the new BIOS to a bootable CD or flash drive.


That's stupid. They seem to only have a BIOS update that runs only in Windows.
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Default Re: New system machine_check_exception

yeah really stupid.. i found a modded bios update on some website which had a dos based flasher program as well.. so i booted from Win 98 disk started with cd support and then put in my cdrw disc (my usb wasn't working for some reason), and loaded the flashr from there.. took about 30 seconds and now it works.. all that work and they could have just put a BIG sticker saying so on the box.

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