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Default New SSD causing FPS drops


I've been looking around the Internet for advices, but none seemed to help. So I hope you guys can help me out.

I installed a new SSD in my computer with a fresh Windows 8. I also have an HDD that still has my old Win7 system on it.

I put some games on the SSD and I noticed that I get significantly lower frame rates than I used to.
I have tried to install new drivers for the mobo, the gpu, i have set all the advised things in the OS to use my SSD optimally.
I have set the power options to high performance, even disabled "Aggressive power management" in BIOS.
I have run several benchmarks on the GPU and the SSD, both seemed fine.

Here's the interesting part. With my old system available on the HDD, I can try to run these games in different scenarios so I have good data about how the SSD is involved.
I've tried using the Win8 from the SSD and the Win7 from the HDD and I ran the games from SSD and from HDD in all possible combinations. Here's what I got:

Win8 (SSD) + Game (SSD) = low fps
Win8 (SSD) + Game (HDD) = low fps
Win7 (HDD) + Game (HDD or SSD) = both low fps
Win7 (HDD) + Game (HDD) + SSD removed from the PC = high fps

This tells me that there's no software problem (drivers, etc) involved. I all comes down to whether or not the SSD is plugged in rather than whether I actually use it.

I have tried setting the Storage options in the BIOS to IDE and the AHCI (now its on AHCI) but no change happened.

By the way for short periods of time - especially in the first couple of minutes - the fps is sometimes quite high but it drops quickly.
The difference we're talking about is from 80+ to about 10 frames per second. The games I tried were Dota 2 and Starcraft 2. Lowering the graphics settings makes hardly any improvement.

As i said, the SSD also seems to work perfectly. CrystalDiskMark said
Seq(R/W) = 500/137 MBps
512K(R/W) = 428/136 MBps
4K(R/W) = 22/47 MBps
4K QD32(R/W) = 309/136 MBps

I hope I provided enough information and it wasn't tldr
Please if you have any ideas what I should try, tell me. Thank you all!

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Default Re: New SSD causing FPS drops

What make/model and size is the SSD
please also supply the full spec of your compuer
such as CPU, M/board, Ram, GFX card etc.

Have you made sure to install the latest firmware on to the SSD
And that your motherboard has the latest bios

Try making sure you have things such as indexing and defragging turned off

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Default Re: New SSD causing FPS drops

SSD: Samsung 840 Basic 120GB 2,5"
CPU: Intel i5-2300 2.80GHz
GFX: GeForce GFX 460
MBoard: ASRock H67M

The firmware on the SSD is the latest.
The bios however isn't. Now that you pointed this out I tried to update it but I ran into a strange error: Firmware does not have flash (AFUWINGUI) support.

For now I would like to concentrate on the SSD problem rather than the BIOS one, but if you think it can be related, I'll happily accept advices regarding that too

Indexing and defragging are turned OFF, I double checked!

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Default Re: New SSD causing FPS drops

Hi again.

I used my computer with the SSD unplugged for a couple of hours and the fps drops came back. So I don't think it's really related after all.
It seems like the high frame rates occasionally happen but most of the time it's low.
I still don't know what the real cause is but it seems to me that the new hardware might not be it.

I have added a new Windows 8 entry to the boot sector of the HDD (so I have dual boot). The actual installation is on the SSD but it boots from the HDD. Do you think this could possibly cause the mentioned frame rate problems?
To me it still seems a bit far fetched. But this is the only real change I can think of regarding the old Win 7 system without the SSD even plugged in.

Any advices are still welcome, however I doubt now that the title of the thread is still relevant.
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