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Default New build shutting down before POST

Hello all, I would really like your help. Note sure where to post this. hopefully here is right. I recently built a new computer to replace the one im currently on. This wasnt my first build, so it was only about a hour before everything was in the case and ready to be booted up. The first boot up it powered down before the POST beep. All the fans were working. So I sat back to think to myself and then it tries to power back up, without me touching the power button on the case. I then did something stupid, I switched the voltage on the PSU from 115 to 230 and started the computer. This time however it didn't power down, it stayed on for 5 minutes or so while i was crossing my fingers hoping to hear the post beep. I heard nothing, however all the fans were working and there didn't seem to be anything obvious wrong with it. I started unplugging unnecessary things to see if I could find the culprit, note this is while the PSU is still set to 230v. I tested the hard drives, Ram in all slots and different video cards to no avail. I got on my laptop to do some research and it looks like it could either be the PSU, CPU, Mobo, or a combination.

System Specs
  • PSU- Raidmax Hybrid 2 RX-630SS 630 watt
  • CPU- Core i5 2500k
  • Mobo- MSI P67a-C43
  • Ram- 4gb G.Skill DDR3 1333 PC3 10666
  • GPU- Nvidia GTX 260
  • HDs- 2x WD RE4 250gb

After a break (all that troubleshooting is really tiresome) I decided to try it with a new PSU. I ripped the psu out of my old computer (the one im on right now) and plugged everything in. Double checked that the voltage was set to 115 and powered it on. Same thing happen, shuts off after no longer than a second. No POST.

Trouble shooting methods I have tried:
  • Different PSU
  • Different video cards
  • Different hard drives

Methods I haven't tried yet.
  • Have yet to rip the motherboard out and see if it will POST outside of the case
  • ect

Thursday I will take out the Mobo and double check the CPU and every thing else and see if it will POST before I send it away to be RMA'd.

Thankyou for your help, I really appreciate it. I'm over here about to pull my hair out.

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Default Re: New build shutting down before POST

Raidmax is a less than desirable power supply to begin with. Flipping that switch more than likely burned out the power supply and the mobo and possibly every component in the system when you hit the power switch.

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Default Re: New build shutting down before POST

Yea, I think the PSU took your board with it...
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I forgot to add, after I smarted up and put the PSU back to 115v and started the computer, i paid attention to the CPU power phase lights. When powering on the computer, the led closest to the back panel would stay on, after about half a second I would see the other three leds turn on for just long enough for me to see the lights flicker. Thats right when the computer shuts down. Also I dont think I mentioned must detail about this, but while set to 115v the computer would keep on trying to start, even after shutting down. It would go something like this:

00:00 Power button pressed, computer turns on.
00:01 The three leds flicker
00:01 Computer shuts down

00:06 Computer turns back on, without pressing the power button.
00:07 The three leds flicker
00:07 Computer shuts down

This cycle continues until I pull out the plug from the power supply.

I decided to add a few pics of the Power phase lights.

Right after computer turns on.

Right before system shuts off

The weird thing is that the first attempt it was set to 115v. After it died after a second I panicked and switched it to 230v. Then I switched it back to 115v and it did the same as the first start up on 115v.

Forgot to add that im not using a optical drive, if that matters.
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Default Re: New build shutting down before POST

As stated, chances are that you fried a few components. The only thing you can do now, is replace the components one by one with a new one until you find out which component(s) died.
Build to be updated, a reminder to myself.
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