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Default New Build Freezes Randomly

Just built my new PC and when I boot up I randomly get a total lock up. First time was during 3D Mark06 and other times where just while browsing the net. I thought it may have been heat related but my CPU temp is around 28,28,23,23 and all 4 cores and GPU(4850) is around 50 so this dosent seem to be the problem. I do see something about hard drive when I first boot but it's on the screen such a short time I can't really see what it says. Could my HDD cause lockups like this? Maybe the RAM? I'm not sure... I'm going to try and get different GPU drivers and update my BIOS now and see what happens. Any advice?

Edit: So I grabbed the 8.6 driver and updated a few other drivers. The HDD message during boot was just saying it was detected. No matter what when I run 3DMark06 I lock up within a few seconds.... Since the temps look good on CPU and GPU all I can think of is the RAM? HELP!!

Edit2: Just about anytime I open a program it encounters a program and has to shut down if that helps....

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Default Re: New Build Freezes Randomly

Reinstall direct X (9 or 10 depending what OS). Go into bois and select the 'revert all settings to default' if is there, if not just do a CMOS reset

If you have 2 sticks of ram make sure they are in slots 1 and 3 not 1 and 2 or any other

After all that see if the problem is still there

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Default Re: New Build Freezes Randomly

sounds like ram issue to me
test your ram with either window's built in memory diagnostics or
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
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Default Re: New Build Freezes Randomly

At work but soon as I get home I'll try both and see what happens.
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Default Re: New Build Freezes Randomly

It honestly could be almost anything. From ram to a wireless card. I had to same thing happen to me a couple weeks ago with a computer I was buildin for a friend. I know it sounds weird but it was the wireless card. It would randomly freeze the computer forcing me to do a reboot.

So, I would say try and test each part of your hardware and try and deduce it.
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Default Re: New Build Freezes Randomly

UPDATE: I haven't had a chance to test the ram but today I had a few minutes to play around with it and the message I saw when I boot up about the hard drive I was misreading. It says no hard disk detected or something similair. Also, I have the WD640 and I know all HDDs dont actually show the same GB as advertised when installed but when I installed it only 600GB was showing. It normal to just be missing a whole 40GB??? Also, I read something about my mobo maybe having problem with SATA drivers when using a 32-bit OS? Sooo somehow someway it's gotta be HD related....
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Default Re: New Build Freezes Randomly

Western Digital (and most drive manufacturers) define 1GB as 1,000,000,000 (1 billion bytes)

Windows (and I'm not sure about bios) define 1GB as 1024^4 which = 1,073,741,824 bytes. That's almost 74 million more. multiply that by 600 and you end up eerily close to your 40 gigs that are "missing". Technically, windows will say you have about 596.

Personally, your problem sounds a lot like the ram. Could be onboard ram, or even video. Luckily, it's pretty easy to test.

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