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Default Never seen this before

I built a gaming system in mid-December and it ran with no problems until a couple weeks to a month ago (not sure when it started really.) I was playing City of Villains and noticed that I was experiencing a singnificant drop in framerates after 15 mins of play or so.

This led me to running a couple of tests -

Quitting the game and restarting yielded no change. Rebooting however, brought me right back to where I should be in framerates for 15 mins or so, then it dropped right back down.

I ran 3dmark05 after the slowdown and it yielded a result of 5711. Rebooted and ran the test 5 more times ina row.

Test 1: 8262
Test 2: 8276
Test 3: 5699
Test 4: 5668
Test 5: 5668

Hmmmm. These results made me dig a little bit deeper.

So I downloaded performance Test 6.0 and ran it after the slowdown and then again after reboot. The results were..shocking to say the least. The comparison graph that I exported is just a little too big for me to attach, but CPU performance in 8 different tested catagories was down by 50%, 2D and 3D graphics performance was down 50% and Memory performance was down 50%. Fifty percent?!

So my question for all you people who are more knowledgable than me is: does this sound like a hardware problem or a software problem. Sure stinks of hardware to me, but I'm going to do a complete hard drive wipe and reinstall only windows and a couple of benchmark tools to eliminate software altogether.

Any ideas any of you can give me would be super.



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Sounds like as if the virtual memory drops out, how much system memory do you have? Cos if it is more than a gig, i don't understand that. Also check all your background processes and applications seems as if some might be resource hogs, might even be a virus.

Also check your temperature inside your PC, sounds like their might not be enough cooling for some parts, as the performance drops as temp picks up.

HOpe this helps, a little bit. Good luck, Sherlock.

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i say overheating what are you temps?

that would explain the frame rates dropping 15 mins in.
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I thought the same thing about the page file, so I disabled it. I have 2 gig of RAM, so didn't figure I really needed it and eliminated it at the first sign of trouble.

As for overheating, that's the other funny thing I noticed. I have temp probes for CPU and GPU. The GPU has a temp sensor on it which I assume is more correct, but they aren't too far off. Even at the hottest, my vid card never got too hot. ~70C at the hottest under full load. And the CPU never got hot at all. But when I started to lose processing power, the temp on the vidcard went down and stayed down.

Also, I don't think overheating would cause a 50% drop in RAM read/write/cache the way it did. I thought overheating for a while too until I saw the performance graph. 5 different RAM tests performing at 50% of peak.

The case has 4 80mm fans and 1 120mm. The 120mm sets right next to the vidcard and pulls out. It seems to be a fairly well cooled case.

It's probably something stupid like a bad power supply...that'll be my next step after a total software wipe.
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