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Default Need Words of Wisdom, plz!

I know the first thing that will come to you mind: "Man! Did this n00b use the 'search' button at all?" But, I don't exactly know that to search for and I was hoping you guys can help me.

OK, here's the stuff:

Friday(Feb. 3) night: (I'm 15) I'm playing StarCraft with my friends at 10:00 p.m. Everything is going great, even the game. I turn off the computer and go to sleep at 11:00 p.m.

Next morning: I get up and turn the computer on. It looks normal at first. Then it begins to act weird. It just starts to restart itself over and over again. But, it never ever went to Window's light blue log-in screen during all that restarting. So, I went to "manual-override" and turned the outlet-thingy off. Then I turned it back on. And the computer runs fine, for now. 5 minutes into normal activities(chatting on AIM) it freezes. So, I do "manual-override" again. It keeps freezing after 5 minutes, it went into this cycle about...3-4 times. So I just decided to leave it off.

2 days later: I try to turn the computer on, but it doesn't turn on.

Here's the symptoms:
- The "POWER" light turns and stays on.
- Hard Disk light doesn't even turn on. (Isn't it suppose to constantly flash?)
- CD drives lights doesn't even turn on.
- CD drives doesn't even open.
- (When I opened it up) The internal fan doesn't even turn on.
- Monitor is fine. (but it says "No Signal")
- Speakers are fine.
- DSL thingy is fine, the lights are green.
- Printer is fine.

Does anyone know what's going on?

I know that most likely it is a non-fixable problem and that my dad will buy another sub-$300, but I just want to know what the heck happened to my computer. (its one of those "at least I want to know more about what happened"-type thing)

Thanks in advance!

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This is totally a shot in the dark, but it sounds like your RAM just kicked the bucket. I really don't have a lot of reasoning behind it, but I could see it happening.



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I would say Power supply. If you have more that 1 memmory chip you can try to run it with just one at a time to troubleshoot to see if it will run to see if one of the chips are bad.And if you have access to a spare power supply plug it in or bring it to a computer store to test it.
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Oops, sorry, let me be more specific about the fan-problem.

The fan on my "motherboard" is NOT turning on.

There is a second fan(power supply?) that DOES turn on.

I don't have spare anything, actually. XD

Well, now the big power button doesn't light up anymore...
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did you mess anything in the bios like some motherboard has a option that wouldn't let window boot if a fan malfuntioned.
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Originally posted by wxt38
did you mess anything in the bios like some motherboard has a option that wouldn't let window boot if a fan malfuntioned.
Sorry, but what's this "bios" your talking about, wxt38? Can you explain it to me?

My friend says that my motherboard, itself, is "fried". What does that mean?


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