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Default need help

i got a sony that wont start up, it keeps saying slave drive primary atapI incompatible primary slave driver ATAPI incompatible so we wear trying to reformat the computer than we got a blue screen so we tryed to swich drivers so we did than it showed us these screen so ya we don't know what to do and we are asking for help here are the bios settings we set before swiching and they are still like that

boot device priority:1st boot device floppy drive 2nd drive 3m-maxtor 6Y00M0

hard disk drive
1st 3M-( maxtor 6Y200M0)
2nd( sony umh-U HS-XD)
3rd( sony umh-u hs-CF)
4 (sony umh -u hs-ms)
5 (sony umh -u hs-sd/m)

boot setting

full screen logo (enabled)
power on beep (enabled )
addon rom display mode (force bios)

prim ide master not detected
prim ide slave not detected

well i hope that helps
sorry for my bad spelling

if i need t post anything please tell me

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Default Re: need help

You're not bad at English as some other people I ran into.

Did you try resetting your BIOS at all, to default?

Do you have two hard drives? Primary Slave is the second hdd/cd-rom on the connection cable.

You also might want to get a new cable, as they do go bad.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

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Default Re: need help

If you're trying to reformat.

Unplug the all the other hard drives and only plug in the drive upon which you want to install the operating system.

Then systematically plug each other drive in and see which one is causing the problem.
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Default Re: need help

Probably need a few more details on this. Hearing that this is a Sony, I'd probably want to confirm whether this is a Desktop computer or a Laptop?

At the moment, looking at what appears to be your boot sequence, your computer is going to boot from the floppy drive first, and if there isn't one to boot from your hard drive. Taking the assumption that you don't have a bootable floppy disk, then your computer's actually booting off your hard drive at the moment. So if the setup on the hard drive is wrong, or the installation was corrupted, this will explain why you keep getting that error.

From your list of what you've called Hard Drives, only one appears to be an actual hard drive (the Maxtor one). All the other ones are your FlashCard/Memory Stick/SDCard reader (which suggests to me that your running a laptop?). The reader shouldn't actually affect your bootup.

What is confusing or worrying is that in the last few lines of information, you've noted that the Primary IDE master is not detected. Where did you get this information from. If its true then you may have something seriously wrong as the computer doesn't appear to be finding the hard drive to boot from (this is usually the primary IDE, and everything else runs as a slave).

Also you might want to provide a few more details about how you tried to format and switch drivers. This will help us work out what is happening. Note BIOS should be one of the very last things you should play with when troubleshooting.
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Default Re: need help

Just to threw this in there, make sure you don't have any flash drives, CF, SD.... cards in your PC/Laptop. On my laptop this prevents it from booting at all.
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