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Default need advice, is my mobo fried?

I've tried pretty much everything here, I'm just about ready to go buy a new mobo.

I bought a passive cooling heatsink for my A8N-E mobo's northbridge chip (nforce4, runs fairly hot but zalman guarantees their chipset cooler will work in any non OC'd situation) as I found
the stock fan was making far too much noise. I went through the standard procedures for performing this task, something I've done numerous times before. I did find however that I needed to remove some sort of adhesive thermal tape surrounding the chip in order to ensure a clearn work surface (thermal paste remover had slid in behind it).

anyways...after installing my new NB heatsink I proceeded to boot up my computer. The computer booted up fine originally. I started by going into the bios to disable the NB low fan speed warning. No problems yet. After saving my bios settings I rebooted my computer.

As my computer rebooted it suddenly dropped it's video signal and proceeded to beep (pheonix bios beep 2-1-1-1 which evidently serves no real use in trying to identify your problem). I felt the heatsink on the NB to see if it was hot or not. It was incredibly hot which re-assured me that my installation was performed correctly as you would expect heat to be transfered to the heatsink. I went on to double check every single component in the system, everything seemed to check out.

My next step was to re-install the originally supplied HSF, which turns out didn't correct my issue.

Over the course of my several reboots during various stages of my troubleshooting I always found that if I let the system off for a long enough preriod of time I would obtain a video signal (and no beeps) but only for a short time, then the video signal would kick out again. This would then lead me to have to reboot, which you guessed, would result in a dropped video signal and the 2-1-1-1 beeps.

All of this leads me to believe that 1 of 3 things has occured. (1) that I somehow incorreclty installed the HS/HSF twice and that the NB is shutting down the system as a safetey measure (reinstalling a 3rd time may do the trick). (2) I incorrectly installed the first HS and permanently damaged the NB chip causing my computer to behave eradically (need to buy a new mobo if this is the case :<). (3) I installed the HS correctly but this particular Zalman product sucks and destroyed my NB chip despite assuring me that it would not do so (still need to buy a new mobo but will swear off all zalman products).


I've just spent the past 6 hours trying to remedy this situation through hands-on troubleshooting and extensive internet searches. Quite frankly I'm exhausted and any feedback to this email would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

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is it onboard video or a card. try another card if that is possible sounds like the card is running hot perhapse and not the NB. also what does it say that beepcode is for?


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I would think it is a heat related problem. Thats why everything worked when it was cool. I would say the Northbridge is toast. Of course I cant be sure but it just sounds like it to me...
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Default response

I'm not really sure what the beepcode is for. Based on what the pheonix bios documentation states it's an error code 40h, which doesn't exist anywhere on their charts...hehe

I think I'm going to try reinstalling the original HSF once more today after I find some thermal tape. Hopefully I'll have some luck.

Thanks for the responses so far.
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