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Default Is my X2 3800 setup wrong?

Hi, I'm hoping someone can maybe answer a question for me. When I setup my new PC I let the BIOD automatically detect the CPU because I wasn't sure how to manually set it up. I thought everything was fine, but I noticed when right click on "my computer" and select properties it reports the name of my CPU correctly but lists it as 1ghz. Shouldn't it say 2ghz? I ran a couple CPU tests with Sandra and it's also saying 1ghz. Does the X2 3800 run at 1ghz per core, or are each core 2ghz? I went into the BIOS and it looks correct. Let me list some of the things I saw in my BIOS, I don't even know where to begin on manually setting the CPU up and not sure where I would get the info to put in.

Under the MAIN section in the BIOS the following information is highlighted and GREYED OUT.

Processor Type: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ (64-bit support)
Processor Speed: 2000mhz
Microcode Update"20f32/4d
L1 Cache Size: 256kb
L2 Cache Size: 1024kb

Under CPU Config I see;
Overclock Mode : (auto)
CPU frequency mhz: (200)
PCIE Frequency mhz: (100)

This info is greyed out:
Processor Max Multiplier: x10 2000mhz
Processor Max Volt: 1.400v

Other CPU options I see are;
CPU NB link speed: (auto)
CPU link width: (auto)

Maybe everything is fine and 1ghz is what it should say, but just in case I listed all the info. I also have XP Pro SP2 and installed the latest AMD drivers.

Any help is appreciated. I'm using the following hardware:

AMD x2 3800
Asrock Dual Sata MOBO
1gb XMS corsair Ram
250GB Western Digital HD
5500LE video card
Audigy Gamer Sound Card

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Actually, in Sandra under CPU and BIOS information the mhz changes everytime I click refresh. Has been as low as 800mhz and shows 2000mhz as well. Again, sorry, I just want to make sure everything is setup correctly and I'm new to AMD.

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sounds like you have cool n quiet enabled. it varies clock speed and voltage to keep the processor running cool when it isn't being used much. all the info in BIOS sounds correct.

edit: also it is supposed to be 2ghz per core
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yea... you said you installed the AMD proccessor drivers. the AMD proccessor actually doesnt need any, its typically used for "Cool & Quiet" as mentioned above.

witch would explain the Core Speed fluctuation... that means Cool & Quiet is doing its job.

watch, try this.... download both... SuperPI ,and Prime95

because your CPU is Dual core you may need to run 2 programs at once to put it under full load... SuperPI just puts a large load on the CPU while it calulates the #pi, put it at a high option and it takes longer... And you can run Prime95's toruture test at the same time, just stick it on "max heat".

once both those programs start up, your Core speed will probably jump strait to 2000mhz. try it if you like. at least youl now its working proplery.

also if you wonted to disable Cool and Quit, there may be a option in your BIOS... if not there may be an option in /control pannel/power options/Power scheme..... the power scheme iv heard can change Cool & quite settings. (I dont know what the setting is htough i dont have Q&C)

and or unintall the proccessor driver.... heres the exact quote from AMD's proccessor driver description.... "AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (exe) 1.2.2 - Allows the system to automatically adjust the CPU speed, voltage and power combination that match the instantaneous user performance need."

EDIT: yea i found the exact instructions about changing the optinons the the controle pannel/power

just go to Page 9 on this PDF....
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