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Default are my parts safe?

the water travels to my video cards to the cpu to my HDD's and up to the radiator

with my radiators fans on full speed I never have a problem with anything my ambients sitting at 45c on the cpu and 48c on the mobo

but if i turn the fans to just 1/2 speed for the noise reduction with only a downloader open my cpu riases to 54c/55c and my mobo gets to 60c and my temp thresholds are hit
cpu threshold is set at 57c and mobo at 60c
my vc threshold i cannot change and are set to 135c(lol) but they sit about 51c ambient fans at max and 67c fans at 1/2 so they are no concern
i dont have auto slowdown on so i just get a warning beep every 2 secons when i hit threshold, my question is can i raise my thresholds?

would my parts remain safe at higher temps?
if not should i rerun my water to my CPU 1st?

i have an amd 55fx clawhammer, 2x 256mb 6800 ultra, asus a8n sli delux mobo and two 1 gig ram chips

if your reading this far i'll let you know the water temp in the resivour at 1/2 fans speed is very hot as the metal screws running from the water to the outside are very hot to the touch, can amount of water in the system just be to much for anything other than the radiator at max speed?
its not like the pump speeds up or slows down but can too many parts is too much heat on the water?
i use a 70% water 30% monoethylene glycol mix, is there a better mixture out there that can take more heat w/o wear?

i know there are a lot of questions in there but if anyone knows an answer to 1 or 2 or all ill appreciate any input

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I don't really have much experience with water cooling, but I would think whichever component you send the water to first would receive the most efficient cooling, as the water has the most "heat capacity" to absorb heat...

Hope this helps a little...

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I would have set it up to run through the CPU first, then the GPUs then HDDs to be honest... but I don't know how much difference that will make.

vvv insert post from more water-cooling-knowledgeable person here vvv
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it does make a difference on the cpu if it is first....personally ive never had so many things run off water cooling because as it travels unless you have a really good water pump its useless because it cant pick up any more heat from the parts that come later on....i found that if i turned my fan down the temp did rise over time and i only had my cpu and 1 gpu on its doing it correct and its probably fine the way u set it up...its just gonna take the fan on high to keep temps the way they were....the mobo case temp or just north bridge temp? the only thing i can suggest to do if u want to turn down the fan is to limit the hardware that uses water cooling and maybe add a fan or two...also look into getting a better water pump just a couple things to keep in mind if that stuff made sense

ha didnt read far enough down...yea if the resevoir is hot then its gonna send hot....definitly to many pieces of equipment will heat the water to much if the rad and coolant isnt good enough...ill check to see what i use and get back to u
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