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Lord AnthraX 12-30-2006 06:09 PM

My freind is an idiot. 2 XP's on one hard drive
Gah my freind called me today at 3:45 ish and said he had a computer problem.

He somehow installed two copies of windows XP.

He did a fresh format, installed one, did nothing to it, and then installed another one. So he has 2 bare copys of XP. And he asked me how to uninstall one of them safely. So me being not sure and never hearing anything like this happening, I looked on good ole' google and got nothing.

So if you could help me out I'd appreaciate it ;)

CrazeD 12-30-2006 06:46 PM

Well, you can't install XP into the same folder, so, there must be two different 'Windows' folders. Delete one. :)

Either that, or just format again lol.

schultzy 12-30-2006 08:22 PM

He could have partitioned it, so ask him that.
If he has than delete one of the partitions, and extend the first with partition magic

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