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Default Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

Hi, my monitor frequently goes fuzzy and it is tough to see anything. But if I have it on 1280X1024 (the usual setting) and I switch it to 1280X960 the fuzziness goes away. However eventually it will be come fuzzy at 960 and I can switch to 1024 and the fuzzy goes away. This cycle has been going on for a bit and I was wondering if any had any suggestions for me to try. I did try some other monitors but they can't go up to that resolution, though this monitor has gone fuzzy as lower resolutions to, so I do think it is the monitor and not the GPU. The monitor is a SyncMaster 900SL (CSM92*). Thanks so much for your time!

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Default Re: Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

Well, it is an old CRT, it may just be going by the wayside. Might be time to grab an LCD.

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Default Re: Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

Thanks for the fast response! I have been considering a new monitor but I really do like this one save for it going fuzzy, and with how fast things are advancing and I'd like to try to hold onto this one for a bit. Also it seems so strange that I can switch back and forth between those two resolutions to clear things up. I'd at least like to understand the problem, even if I do just get a new monitor. Thanks!
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Default Re: Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

Have you checked the temps on the Video Card just in case? Seems odd that it works, then goes fuzzy with a resolution only to be fine on a higher or lower setting.
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Default Re: Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

Yeah that seems strange to me as well, which is why I'd really love to track down the problem, it isn't making sense. Do you know what I could use to check the temperature? I looked through the nvidia program (it is a geforce 5600, I know my comp is getting old ) but I didn't see an option. I'll browse the net for programs as well too, but a good recommendation is generally much better with all the bad software out there. Thanks!!!
I tried this program called GPU-Z and while it didn't tell me the temperature it did say that my fan is at 0% So I think you really might be on to something with the video card temp. I think maybe I should even try taking the card out and seeing if the monitor goes fuzzy. No reason to waste a perfectly good 20 inch monitor Thanks!!
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Default Re: Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

Try HWMonitor. It will tell you your CPU temperature, and your GPU Temperature as well as other information.

(Download 1.14 Setup)

Just keep it running, and when the monitor goes blurry/fuzzy, see what your temps are reading.
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Default Re: Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

I don't think older Nvidia cards had the sensors to monitor temps and fan speeds. You should manually check the fan for proper operation and clean the card with compressed air. If needed you can find a replacement fan here. - Computer Hardware,Fans & Heatsinks,VGA Cooling,VGA Card Processor,

It sounds almost like a problem with the refresh rate. Here is the newest driver for your card (don't expect anymore as support has been discontinued, I think).
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Default Re: Monitor Screen Goes "Fuzzy"

Wow I am really impressed with the tech support here! So many great replies and so quickly! I did take apart my case and the fan was indeed off, though that GPU - Z still doesn't show the fan as working even though it is struggling to work. It is improving, but I found even if I just hit a wire the fan will try working for a bit and then stop. I don't have any compressed air so I was just using a bit of lung power to clean the dust out Hopefully after getting the wire in the right spot it won't stop at all. It was at only a few seconds, now it is going several minutes, woo!!

Thanks for the driver link. I think it was supported (not mentioned well) in forceware versions past that but only up to a certain one. I had them and them I removed them because of some funkiness with doom 3 and now I forget what they were, DOH. In any case, making lots of progress. So far so good on the monitor not going fuzzy, though a strange thing was when I had the comp off and monitor unpluged the "your cable isn't connected" or whatever message the monitor gives was fuzzy. I think the signs are all there for a new comp, but I would also like to keep this comp in running order to act as a server or backup.

Thanks everyone so much for your time! <3 slaminsystems Take care.

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