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sbcomp 07-19-2010 04:13 PM

Mobo testing station
I would like to build a testing station that I can test various hardware issues with.


Well I think my 2 month old Intel board let go recently, and I want to narrow the field some.

Here's the nuts and bolts:

Purchased and installed new mobo/proc combo as a set along with RAM from reputable establishment. (Name omitted cuz I'm not sure that I can list it here - suffice it to say the board is compatable) There were other items purchased, but these are the main culprits here.

The system worked like a dream come true up until a week ago. I plugged in a headset into the front panel on the case, normally I would only use the connections on the board, but I got lazy and... whammo. Complete shut down and now it won't power on.

All of the ancillary equipment is fine, (DVD, Harddrive, Video card), and working in my temporary system.

I checked the case with an old emachine board that was in the case before the upgrade. It powered up no problem so it's not the case.

The power supply in the case is one that was purchased for that Intel board specifically, so its not the power supply.

Because of the differences between the emachine board and the Intel I have not been able to test the RAM. As this is really the only case I have at this point, I'd rather not tear down the temporary system, so I thought I might try to build a testing station.

My questions about building this station are rather simple, I think (famous kiss of death there I'm sure):

1) how can I ensure I am recreating the grounding that the case provides.

2) is this even possible? ? I tried once simply plugging in a power supply then powering up an old CD reader, but it wouldn't power up. I figured that I also needed the IDE cable atached to the mobo...

God I'm rambling here so I will cut it off at that.

Thanks all for any assistance/suggestions you can provide

MindoverMaster 07-19-2010 09:56 PM

Re: Mobo testing station
It just shocked the board somehow. It happens.

sbcomp 07-21-2010 05:27 PM

Re: Mobo testing station
well yes it did, but more to the question, if I were to design a testing station, one with a mobo installed and active... how do I simulate the grounding that the case provides?

I'm no electrician and would hate like heck to fry and replace another board.

The rest of that was just the reason I am motivated to make this station in the first place.

For that matter, is a station really neccesary? Would another case with a decent PSU fill the bill rather than going to the extent of building an elaborate station in the first place?

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